Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Capcom Doing Non-Terrible Things? Buh?

So you might've seen it when Chance let us know about it, but if you haven't, then Capcom finally announced the Devil May Cry Collection.  Now, I openly admit I had my worries about how this exercise was going to play out, figuring that they would, unfortunately simply release all three titles with minimal retouching separately for $15-20 each on the PSN and XBLA services.  I believe I'm fairly well justified in fearing as such, given how Resident Evil 4 HD and Resident Evil Code: Veronica HD turned out, and since Capcom's been on something of a 'downward trend' lately, I believe it was perfectly imaginable.  Luckily, my fears have been put down, as the Collection will actually be on-disk, containing Devil May Cry 1-3 for $40, and be available for both PS3 and 360 which is surprising or unsurprising, depending on your perspective.

While it's the optimal outcome for me personally (and probably a lot of other people as well), I'm sure there already people cringing and grumbling at the thought of even trudging through Devil May Cry 2 once more, but I'm not too fussed.  I survived it once already, I can do it again.  I just hope I find the guide I bought all those years ago for it before I do, because I'll be damned if I put anymore effort into it than is necessary.  Though, to be fair, it's the same way for me with DMC3, since I didn't particularly care for that game, personally.  Though I think it's more about how I couldn't wrap myself around the controls right away, which really punishes you in those first couple areas if you can't absolutely beast it.

That's not all the good news from Capcom either!  Just announced today was the fact that Mega Man Powered up and Mega Man X Maverick Hunter are going to be released as a dual pack along with the PSP Monster Hunters (Specifically Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite) for anyone who couldn't find the former games which became incredibly rare -somehow-, or anyone who still hasn't dipped into the latter.  (Unfortunately, it's been pointed out that one of the games in the dual pack is the other game and -then some-, but still, you can have it for collector's value)  The downside to these would be that they're going to be UMD-Exclusive and, on top of that, GameStop-Exclusive, so they're really only catering to the people who couldn't find them.  (I imagine the Mega Man Pack has a lot to do with the issues surrounding why Mega Man Powered Up isn't on the PSN yet)

While I haven't played Powered Up, I have played Maverick Hunter, and I quite like it.  It's a really competent remake of the original Mega Man X, and even had a lot of extras (including an entire mode where you could play as Vile, who was X's Rival for, er, that one game) and had a really nice style overlayed on it.  Helps that the original X was probably my favorite since it didn't get to over-complicate things, but at the same time, it was a bit -too- simple.  Or maybe it's just because I could mostly remember which bosses were weak against what weapons and didn't have to refer to something else.  Still, it's classic Mega Man X gameplay and it's a shame that Capcom only saw fit to give the remake treatment to the original, when there's at least two more good X games to pick from.  Ah well.

Still, that's a lot of news that came out about Capcom without any real boneheaded moves and I'm really surprised that I don't have a lot of negative to s-Oh.

So, er, remember when Monster Hunter 3G was announced for the 3DS and it was announced alongside that silly slidepad accessory so you could actually play the game on a 3DS instead of anything else?  Remember how the 3DS is supposed to be really trying to support online play and stuff?  Remember how the last few Monster Hunter games have really really flourished on Online Play?  Capcom apparently doesn't.  Monster Hunter 3G for the 3DS is not going to have Online Play and, since it's not on the PSP, there's also really no workaround like Ad-Hoc Party for it either.  So if you're one of those folks who enjoys the MH games for the ability to go online and hunt with your friends, well, here's one less reason to really care.

Still, two out of three ain't bad for Capcom.

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