Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Got Nothin'.

There is literally nothing going on today that I can write about.  I've not really been doing anything different lately.  I've been playing Yakuza 4 still, intent on finishing my Extra Hard play-through since that'll likely get me closer to a platinum trophy than I'll ever realistically get for it thanks to the Mini-Game specific ones (though I did get a turkey in bowling which is a fucking miracle) and I've kind of stalled on the Hostess Maker challenge which I pretty effectively described in that post and haven't learned more of enough to make another one.  I've actually gotten one hostess up to number 1, which meant I got to look for another of the three, but that's....hardly exciting enough.

I also haven't started my FFT challenge, purposefully because I haven't started looking at the zodiac system for the game, so I can't really write about that.  I'm still looking forward to it, and am eager to start it, it's just that...well, I want to be ready this time.  I was ready when I took on Star Ocean 2, which obviously helped since I finally conquered it.  So here's hoping that little bit matters as much as it should!  I am looking forward to being able to type about what's happened in the game, as FFT has provided me some wonderful stories in the past, so I look for more of the same.

And the only thing left would be my decision to play Demon's Souls after I finish Yakuza 4 as much as I'm going to, but I can't really type about that since I'm more or less going into the game completely blind.  Which, I'm assured is either the best way to do it or the worst.  Either way, I imagine it's going to be a punishing experience regardless so I'm not really going in with the wrong idea or anything.  I figure with Dark Souls coming out, and likely being on the Christmas List as was Demon's Souls last year, it would do me well to finally enter the world that so wants me dead.  Seeing as the servers will still be open for a year or so now, well, it seems to be a sign, honestly.  As if they're just -waiting- for me.


So yeah.  Sorry about the lack of content tonight folks, but I'm sure you can see my predicament here.  It's a sad day when I can't even think of enough songs for a Music! post, but eh, at least this one was from the heart or...something.  Right?

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