Saturday, October 1, 2011

Good Game, Wrong Genre

It's a topic I've been thinking about for quite a while, and with nothing else to really write about tonight, I figure it's as good a time as any to air this out there.  Much like my thoughts on how almost anything can be made into a TCG-Based game, I try and think of other genres certain games could be made into and be better off for it.  It's not always that easy, of course, and it's not like every game can be switched to something else without losing a lot of what makes it 'good' (MGS as a FPS rather than a TP Stealth game, for example), but some things just.....well, once you start thinking of them in 'this' genre mold, it's hard to think of why the game creators didn't see it your way.

The above pictured game is clearly Dissidia:  Final Fantasy (actually, Duodecim, but details, details) which, as you may or may not know, is some sort of weird Fighting Game/RPG hybrid with a higher emphasis on the Fighting game portion.  While you might not think it (I certainly didn't) it -does- actually work, and Dissidia provided me many hours of amusement; the fact that I still haven't picked up the sequel (er, Prequel) is more a technicality than anything.  Still, even though the fighting game thing works, I look at it, look at the setup, the structure, and yearn for a Tactics-style game.  (Like Final Fantasy Tactics.  Clearly.  Funnily enough, this isn't at all influenced by my upcoming playthrough.)

How could a Tactics game starring every main character and villain from Final Fantasy 1-13 not succeed?  With some exceptions, they're all set up with turn-based styles in mind -anyway-, and Cloud has even been in a Tactics-stlyed game already!  Granted, it...wasn't the best cameo, but it was a cameo nonetheless, and one they assuredly learned, no they probably didn't.  But they could've and we're playing a game of 'should of could of' so just go with it.  If you look at it, it just makes sense, and in a Tactics environment there could be more characters pulled, surely.

They already have the generic foes in place (which, again, could become more varied in a Tactics setting), the Manikins, who are simply crystallized forms of the heroes and villains, and the overarching goal is in place and ripe for 'dramatic turns and twists' and the likes as one would expect from such a game.  Dissidia already has a focus on Equipment like a more classic RPG as well, so that mechanic wouldn't need too much tweaking.  I guess you do love a bit of what made Dissidia good, in that you don't get to fly around and slam folks against a wall (Invisible or no) over and over again, but I think the overall experience would be much better in the different genre.  At least....better than it'll be as a rhythm game.

There's other games I could use in an example for this (Honestly, the recent announcement of Warriors Orochi 3, which is what it'll be called in America should it head over has me wishing for, again, a tactics version of the game or at least a Romance of the Three Kingdoms-style War Game version) but Dissidia is the one I hold up chiefly.  It could honestly work and work well and I always hold onto the hope that Squeenix will see this, and release a Dissidia game with a good cast of characters from each game in the series, with possibly cameos from other games.  I guess we'll have to see, but I'm not going to hold me breath; Squeenix make a good decision?


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