Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bonus Post - Playstation Vita Official NA Release Date!

In a post I'm sure most of us aren't actually able to miss thanks to it posting the night of the PS Store Update, which is, quite possibly because of this news, really really late, the Playstation Blog has officially announced that the Playstation Vita releases in NA on February 22nd.  It's quite a bit later than I'd hoped it would come out (Really was hoping mid to late January), but being that close to March only makes it better for me, personally, since it's that much closer to my birthday.  And let's face it, things close to your birthday are always better, s'long as you don't dislike your birthday or anything.

No real details beyond what we already know were spoken of in the post announcing it, but eh, we have the release date now on top of all the other information we already know.  Now I have to -really- get into a Gamestop and slap down $50 for a pre-order on one.

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