Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Final Fantasy Type-0 Stuff and Also Goddamnit Sega Pt. 2

So, hot off the last PSP-related story, I figured it would be a good idea to bring up something with a positive look for the system, rather than more of the bad.  Of course, this could be bad and I will explain why later, but I'm just going to go ahead and talk about the facts here first.  And the facts seem to state that Final Fantasy Type-0 (I always wonder if this is supposed to be an O or a Zero, and now I'm pretty positive it's a Zero) will not only have a New Game +, but said new game + will be a different story or at least contain a different story that follows a different class at this war school or whatever it is.  I'm going to be honest here and admit I don't know jack about Type-0 aside from the fact that it's Action-RPG and I want it.

There's apparently a thirteenth character as well, and I'm assuming purely on absolutely nothing here but coincidental relation that said thirteenth character -might- have something to do with "Class 0" which is what the new story bit will follow.  And if the comments are anything to be believed, said character is likely to be the "10" equivalent, since the characters are named based on numbers (cards, specifically, like playing cards) and the known characters go from nine to eleven, skipping ten (Early dibs on "Zehn") entirely.  This....doesn't mean a whole lot, but serves as a vessel for me to bring up Final Fantasy Type-0 again, express my want for it, and talk about the PSP and Vita.  I always look for that type of chance, you know.

Anyways, what I was saying about this possibly being bad news for the PSP earlier is just that, in that Type-0 has an entirely plausible chance of not being released on the PSP in the west.  With it not coming out until next year, after the Vita is launched in Japan at least, possibly the rest of the world as well, the PSP will truly be on its way out, even in regions where it hasn't been 'dead' for years.  Being Squeenix, to suggest that a game with "Final Fantasy" in the title wouldn't come out in the West at all is silly at the very least.  And Squeenix quite enjoys porting things and jumping on the latest thing in some form or other, so the thing I'm getting at here is that we might not see Type-0 in the west on the PSP at all.  On the Vita is a guarantee if it doesn't hit the PSP over here, and possible even if it does.

So, I'm not so much concerned about my ability to play Type-0 (I just noticed that if I were to abbreviate it, it comes up FFT0, which sets a very dangerous precedent to the game, as I love me some FFT and it -better- compare to have the same abbreviation mostly) but rather in what form I'll be able to manage it.  I'd be happy tomorrow if Squeenix just straight-up said "Yeah, Type-0 is Vita only in the west, PSP/Vita in Japan" because at least then I would know.  Still, I guess we'll see.  Having that type of assurance in being able to play a game on the Vita is nice, unlike some other companies Sega.

I already had a bit of a whinge about this (I'm still not British, by the way, but it doesn't matter) last post, but it still gets me really pissed that Sega is, essentially punishing the consumers for their poor business tactics yet again.  While I am eternally grateful that they're actually giving us a game that, by all accounts, they don't have to give us and probably won't profit much off of (Yakuza:  Dead Souls, of course) I still can't help but be annoyed that they took Valkyria Chronicles as a series and did basically everything they could to quash it from the collective fan mindset.  While the move from PS3 to PSP isn't much of a surprise, business-wise (since PSP will get you more money in Japan), their decision to make the story in VC2 absolute anime-bullshit (I admit, I didn't hate it until I started thinking about it in retrospect) was a poor one and basically doomed them from ever reaping the amount of profits they likely wanted.

So to then make VC3 have a story that isn't absolutely terrible and then say "Well, our bad game didn't sell well, so we're keeping the good one" is the basic "GodDAMNIT Sega" move and it's one that they've had in their cards for quite a while.  While I can't say any Yakuza story is bad or anything approaching bad, I am told that the story to Yakuza Kenzan is quite good, but we will never see it, so that kind of ties into this sort of statement here.  (Also, when I say we will never see it, I mean in English because I literally have a copy of the game within 20 feet of me.)  Still, we can always hope for a Vita version or possibly one of these PSP Remasters that contains both 2 and 3 or something, but anything will be far too far away for it to really matter here.

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