Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Time - How to Celebrate?

So, it is the season and while I'm not much of a celebrator of the holidays, aside from Christmas, Halloween certainly adds an interesting temptation that not a lot of other times could offer.  I figure that I've changed a lot of how I normally do things this year, so why not actually get into the spirit of the times and do something?  Of course, the question this poses is just what do I do?  And, aside from going out and causing mischief or begging for candy, there's not a whole lot associated with Halloween that immediately springs to mind, but luckily for us there are certain other things associated with the spirit that counts.

The immediate thing that comes to mind, of course, is the Horror that's so commonly associated with the principle of Halloween.  I guess the way I could go about this would be to watch one of the few Horror movies I have or toss in Dead Space; the latter would likely cause the desired effect over the former, though, since Dead Space always knew how to send a chill up my spine no matter what.  Especially since when I left off, I believe I was trying for my Impossible trophy and the One Gun trophy at the same time, which is tailor-made for "Oh shit" moments, I would suggest.  That's sounding more and more appealing now that I mention it..

Then there is the possibility of finally sitting down and giving the Vampire:  The Masquerade books I bought a look over as the game has come up a lot lately in conversations I've had with others.  Not really in a sense that a game was to get organized, but more in the sense that people were talking about it and I could do no more than sit by and listen with a nod every now and then since I have, really, no knowledge on the subject.  And that's something I would love to change, since the lore and the mechanics of the game seems rather rich and detailed.  While I not play a game of it myself (outside of the off-chance of playing the PC game at some point), just knowing about it would be nice enough.

Hopefully I can find something to get me excited enough to really celebrate a day.  It might be a little obvious from my posting (or, recently my decision to skip a couple nights) but it's been a little rough lately, and while I'm not saying that for sympathy, I can't -not- acknowledge it.  The majority of this post has been me looking at the page and wondering just what to say next, which got a little easier, admittedly, towards the end.  Still, something of genuine excitement amidst the grind that I've been going through (both life-wise and game-wise) would be a nice change of pace.  Here's to hoping for one!

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