Sunday, October 9, 2011

Somewhat Sick Post

So....I'm not sick.  Not really.  Honestly.  Except I kind of am, thanks to the weather deciding to be the absolute worst.  You may have noticed that I've complained about this before (maybe, I'm noticing my Twitter gadget doesn't always load up and it's getting pretty annoying) and the only reason that I do so is basically because A)  When the weather changes this dramatically as it has, it destroys me with my allergies and sinuses and leaves my brain in a fuzz and B) when it changes for the warmer, it throws my PS3 plans into the air.  I've not played Yakuza 4 for a few days or anything on my PS3 simply because it's been too hot, which is absolutely ridiculous for Fall.  And yes, it is Fall now.

So not only does it eat into potential material for the blog here, but it also hampers my ability to deliver something I really like.  Though it's not like I'm unhappy with my posts, it's more that, writing them and reading them back in the fog my mind is in, I sort of feel like my messages are getting lost in translation and I'm not doing well enough by writing them.  It's likely mostly paranoia, as I haven't heard any notions of a quality drop, but it is a concern that I've wanted to voice if I haven't already.  Which, I forget if I had, being yet another issue brought on by all of this stuff.

Still, it's a bit frustrating having to write this down, but it's about all I can formulate properly.  I'm already properly considering Update 1 of Final Fantasy Tactics since it's all I've been playing lately, but I hate posting about that over and over again, and would like to stretch it out a bit if I could.  Not so much artificially as to ensure I'm doing everything a bit properly, here, if such a thing is 'possible' given the context.  And I don't want to post again and again quickly, and then start playing PS3 again, playing FFT a little less and feeling like I'm dragging on that, then.

Anyways, think of this as one of the "I Hate Spring" posts, since more or less, it feels like it's still Spring.  It's hot for no reason, the weather is shifting about so suddenly that it's ruining my allergies and sinuses and I've been a grumpy mess all weekend at the very least.  I'll have something proper up tomorrow with any luck, so until then, just pretend like I didn't just waste four paragraphs whinging about not feeling great.

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