Monday, October 3, 2011

Only on PSN Starts Tomorrow, Is Kind of a Big Deal

Just announced yesterday and earlier today on the Playstation Blog is the newest Sony Promotion called "Only on PSN" which is....well, it's a title.  That's for sure.  It's also important for any of us who are still getting or staying attached to disks in any form, as you'll find that they are after them, specifically your older, rarer ones.  Er....not in a menacing way, of course.  Not really.  But I'll get to that after the semi-important part of what this Only on PSN promotion is.

Through the month of October (which is this month), we'll be seeing a flood of PSN Exclusive games that will be paraded about in a befitting manner (advertised well, discounted through PS+, etc.) for those of us who don't have enough to buy already to buy.  I guess it's, like Summer of Arcade, but for PSN and the games have only been announced for the month.  I would suggest that this is More like Summer of Arcade, but for PSN than Playstation Network PLAY ever was, since these games are actually exclusive (permanently rather than just a month early!  Unless Microsoft caves.) and....well, that's really the sticking point, isn't it?  I guess the discounts (for Plus) factors into that as well.

The List of games in the promotion so far seem to be:
  • Eufloria - October 4
  • Rochard - October 4
  • Sideway:  New York - October 11
  • Sodium Collection - October 13 (Home Exclusive)
  • Okabu - October 18
  • Rocketbirds:  Hardboiled Chicken - October 18
  • inFamous 2:  Festival of Blood - October 25
  • PixelJunk Sidescroller - October 25
That list, aside from the Sodium Collection, is pretty beefy in that the games all in all seem to be quite quality titles, rather than just some games thrown up and promoted.  Especially inFamous 2:  FoB, which I still haven't looked into at all and I have no idea how much it'll cost or this or that or ahhhhh I want it but I have no tiiiime.  The dawning of another PixelJunk game is very welcome as well, even though I likely won't...enjoy it as much as the other games.  (I've only heard so far that it's going to be -really- hard.  I don't like -really- hard in most scenarios so I always have to approach with caution.)

(Says the man who will be playing Demon's Souls by the end of the week.)

Of course, it gets better.  How, you might ask?  How could it possibly get better?  Very easily:  By offering PS2 games out of f'ing nowhere.  At the tail-end of the blog post, if you didn't read it already, a little, singular sentence stands out in only so much as there's a space above it and below it.  Essentially, with as little fanfare as possible, but that, I really understand.  If they made a big to-do about PS2 games available for sale from the PSN, people would just point and be like "SEE, THIS IS WHY THEY TOOK IT AWAY, SO THEY COULD CAPITALIZE ON IT THREE YEARS LATER.", but still, only one sentence?  Anyway, I will paste it below, spaced above and below it just as they did, but with a few....alterations for importance.

Also starting tomorrow as part of Only On PSN, we’ll also be offering a selection of rare classic games in the PlayStation Store: MOTHERFUCKING God Hand, GrimGrimoire HOLY SHIT, Maximo: Ghosts to Glory, Odin Sphere WAIT WHAT, YEAH THEY WENT THERE and Ring of Red.

I'm sure I could point to importance in other titles but, well, yeah.  I'm sure you see the big deal here.  While it says they'll be offering the selection tomorrow, I'm not quite sure it'll work out like that.  I have a hard time believing that five PS2 games will be released against what's already coming out tomorrow all at once, but hey, we'll see!

Is it wrong that I'm holding onto some small hope that these games will be also playable on the Vita (likely) and that they'll release Drakengard so I can buy it again for my Vita?

Yeah....I think it's a little wrong.

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