Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So, I just wanted to say here that tonight and tomorrow night, I'm really, likely not going to be in a well-enough place to sit down and write something out that's, well...something I'd be happy to say I wrote.  Without saying too much, there's things occurring and they're honestly a bit too big for me to just kinda set off to the side for a couple hours both nights and tap into my creative wells or what have you to put fingers to keys.  I was just considering doing a tweet about it, since that's usually where I broadcast my normal "Hey, not going to be on" or whatever things, but eh.  Can't embed videos in tweets and I was figuring on throwing something in here.

For the record, I'm not getting sick again, there's not another virus on the computer (that I know about) or anything like that, I'm just going to be physically and mentally worn, I'm sure, so I'd rather warn ahead of time than after the fact.  So, yeah.  Not like there's a lot of news today, though either.  Anyways, with that said, here's some random K-Pop that I just can't stop listening to no matter what.  (Protip:  Skip to about 1:30 in, because there's a lot of frivolous music video nonsense that isn't the song before that point.)


  1. Damnit. Tried to put in a link to Gee and it didn't work. Here's Gee :

    Infinitely cheesy and yet you won't shut it off.

  2. .....y'know...I'd actually listened to Gee before and was able to pass it off as "Ha, this doesn't have me under its power, take that internet!".

    Not this time. >.<