Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Still Sick, Sega Sucks

So, if you look above, you will see Valkyria Chronicles 3 in Japanese.  Apparently, we'd best get used to that visage, since VC3 is 'officially' not planned for NA or Europe, which means no localization, which means goddamnit Sega, what the hell.  Of course, there were 'no plans' for Yakuza 3 for...what, two years?  And look how that happened.  Anyways, blah blah, NA and PSP don't get along, yadda yadda, VC2 didn't sell well, let's all put on our best surprised faces, so VC3 localization is simply 'not profitable enough'.  Which, I've said it before, on some level I understand it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it, especially since it seemed to take its roots back to a more 'Western' approach, as the first game had (When compared to 2) rather than going full-on Anime-Bullshit like 2.  Again, our best surprised faces at how that possibly could've gone poorly.

Of course, being Sega, they can never give a firm "Nah", so when asked if there was any chance of VC3 being available for the Vita (I guess as an up-port?  The statement is a little vague in the Joystiq article: "Asked if VC3 would be available as a downloadable Vita title,"), the reply was simply "We'll discuss it with Sony", which means "We're too busy working on Daytona USA right now, don't bother us".  They'll ask Sony in due time with however much conviction they really want to show, and that'll determine if we ever get to see VC3 or not.  Let me just say I won't be surprised either way, but I'm sure it's obvious which side of the fence I'm on.

Anyways, I'm still not feeling all that well, so unfortunately this is going to be a bit short.  To any concerned, I just have a cold plus aches plus allergies/sinus problems plus family issues which sounds really bad when I say it like that, but really, I'm pretty okay.  I hope to get back to full capacity soon, and hopefully won't be skipping anymore posts unless I need to.  Of course, I make no guarantee as to quality for a bit.

Update!: Hey, right after they announce this about VC3, they give us a trailer for Daytona USA.  It's like I'm psychic or something.

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