Friday, October 28, 2011

More Collections! Jak and Daxter's Turn

Between the Devil May Cry Collection being announced, the Splinter Cell Collection just releasing recently (after several delays), and the Metal Gear Solid Collection on the horizon, you may be a little sick of hearing about all these collections.  Maybe.  I'm not, I know that much, especially because of the fact that some of these collections include games I've never even touched.  Much like the Sly Collection before it, the Jak and Daxter Collection that was classified by the Korean Ratings Board (that we all knew was coming) will be something completely new to me.  I'm not quite sure -how- I managed to avoid three of Playstation's best franchise series (Sly, Jax and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank) completely, but it happened, and well, now I'm reaping the benefits of it.

Now, one thing outing a game or console has never, ever been concrete evidence of anything, despite being, well, very very accurate in the past, so I may really be jumping the gun here.  With any other game (save a few), I might very well just dismiss it as a rumor, but this is Jak and Daxter; it and Ratchet and Clank are basically the two series left that are very nearly guaranteed to have the Collection treatment.  So what I'm saying here, basically, is that we know it's happening, even if this Korean Ratings Board thing proves to be a false lead.  After this is out and the eventual Ratchet and Clank Collection, it'll be pretty hard to guess what, if anything, comes after that, but I'll certainly be looking forward to anything else.

Again, my exposure to Jak and Daxter is completely non-existent, so trying to find something else to say about all this is a bit trying.  That the games are the predecessors to the Uncharted games (as were the Sly games to the inFamous series) are inspiring but also fill me with a bit of dread thanks to all the parity that's coming of the situation as I consider it.  If you'll recall (I'm not going to link them all, but I had a -lot- of posts about the Sly Collection) my experiences with the Sly series started positively and very slowly started to descend until the third game where it kind of went up and down quite drastically.  I kept going at the games thinking "How did they go on to make inFamous" and I get the sinking feeling that I'm going to take to the Jak games in the same way.  The coincidences are too numerous for me to consider otherwise.

Still, I've been eying the series ever since I saw the PSP spin-off for Daxter (Much the same with Secret Agent Clank and the R&C series), but I've simply deigned to wait for these collections to start off the series and then end up with the two spin-offs on my Vita.  I'm told they're not very good, but, well, I'm just -that kinda guy-, where once I get into a series, I generally have to stick it out unless I really really start to dislike it.  And besides, who doesn't love a good old-school platformer every now and then, what with that genre ending up on the downswing for a while?  It's making a comeback, sure, but it's assuredly not quite the same as it used to be.  If anything, I imagine it'll make me appreciate the advances we've made more than I do already.

Update!:  Well, this one's confirmed by SCEA via Joystiq via IGN or something.  Regardless, it's confirmed, gonna happen, but that's about all the info right now.


  1. To be honest I didn't think much of J&D back when I tried it on the PS2. This is one collection I'd pass on.

  2. Fair enough. I'm mostly just interested since it was apparently good enough for three games (even if the series is kind of the lower series in terms of PS2-era thing) and, well, I'm kind of just curious overall. I'm not expecting awesome like I was with Sly, at least.