Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yakuza: Dead Souls is a Thing. My Body is Ready.


Er, ahem.  With that out of the way....So, as the title says, Yakuza:  Dead Souls is a thing of the Official nature, announced just today for release in March 2012.  Funnily enough, when I first get online, I generally check my blog first thing, then Chance's blog, then my new outlets to start getting an idea of what to write of a night.  So, while reading through the latest game diary post about Odin Sphere, RAGE, and Dark Souls, I just happened across the last paragraph which was just...exactly what I needed tonight.

Ooh! Yakuza: Of The End is getting localized! Well, I'll leave that one to Mogs.

I'm taking it, and running with it, don't you worry.  While it's not as much of a "Holy Shit, Surprise!" as Yakuza 3, it's a little more unexpected than Yakuza 4 (since we knew fairly after Yakuza 3's release that Sega fully intended to bring 4 over, highly contrary to their normal "we have no comment at this time") but just as welcome, of course.  Any and all Yakuza is good and welcome Yakuza.  While I still know fairly little about the game itself (mostly on purpose), Siliconera does tell us that the DLC will be coming, as I hoped, but whether it'll be on disk or not is up in the air.  I believe Yakuza 3 and 4 mostly had the Japanese DLC on-disk already, or was a pre-order bonus, so I'm not exactly worrying about it.

Of course, if it comes down to it, I will absolutely shell out money for Majima's Pirate Costume.  I don't even fucking care.  Morals and standards and stuff be damned, I want to shoot zombies with a shotgun as Dapper Pirate Goro Majima.  Still, a little more information than "Yeah, the control change is happening", "March 2012" and "Yes DLC somehow" would be nice, though I'm guessing that's to come yet.  There was quite a media blitz for Yakuza 4 (by Sega Standards) with Character Trailers, Combat Trailers and such, so a little more information should likely be coming out closer to the release.  Here's to hoping they get the guy from the Yakuza 4 trailers to do stuff like that again.  Speaking of a trailer, Yakuza:  Dead Souls has an Announcement trailer.

It's barebones, but it does well enough of showing off the characters you'll play as (I'm assuming somewhat like Yakuza 4, in that you'll go through each story in a row, then a final bit where you can switch and/or team up with others) and giving a general idea of the, well, the theme.  There are zombies, you shoot them and are badass whilst doing so.  Again, I'm looking for something more substantial when it gets further along in the localization process, and will obviously update here when such a time arises.

I also love how the Yakuza games come out/are set in March.  It's almost like Sega is trying to do all this just for me.  I understand they're not, clearly, but it's one of those happy coincidences and I can't help but revel in it.  Openly.  And if the DLC is on disk, I will go through with my promise and take back everything bad I said about Sega.  (and then immediately re-state it where it concerns Valkyria Chronicles, Kenzan and Black Panther, but they don't need to read this part.) 

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