Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Problem with Procrastination

I don't just mean regarding me posting this post fairly late in the day, either.  While true that apparently all news has temporarily died out with the release of Arkham City (Well, anything of real interest, at least), meaning that my pool of topics I can post about is drastically reduced, I theoretically should have something to post about now.  Namely, my experience with Demon's Souls.  ....Unfortunately, as the above image of Ding Feng from Dynasty Warriors 7 might indicate, I've yet to start Demon's Souls in lieu of taking up the mantle of Ancient Chinese warriors Murder Engines, simply because damnit, I will get all the trophies in DW7 on day.

The issue here is that Dynasty Warriors 7's trophy list includes such trophies as "Reach 1,000,000 Fame in Conquest mode" and "Recruit every officer as a Sworn Ally" and other such things that take a lot of time.  Remember, this is a Japanese game, and Japanese games mean that if you want this arbitrary reward, you have to work to the bone for it, which, not -dis-agreeable, I'll say.  I don't like just being handed a Gold Trophy for beating the second to last story chapter in a game, but I also don't appreciate doing something for 15+ hours for -one- Bronze trophy, either.  (Not saying either of the mentioned trophies are Bronze, as I don't know off-hand, just saying.)  I'm only at 700,000 Fame, and my method of gaining it is....a bit lacking, I suspect, so it's not going to be a short task.

Still, it's not a task that's hard or anything, merely time-consuming and when you're playing a game you enjoy, it's honestly not a waste.  And enjoying DW7 is exactly what I'm doing, thanks to Ding Feng's nearly-all-grapple moveset (that also includes a lot of punching~) and his amazing second musou attack.  Still, I think there's a difficulty here in me drawing a line where A) I acknowledge that gaining 300,000 fame in Conquest is something I'll have to do -later- and B) I put off starting Demon's Souls because I think something in me doesn't want to be absolutely crushed by the game.  I need to play more of my games, honestly, so that I can make room in my progress for other games, but I also don't want to power through them and lose out on any and all enjoyment I could get.

What I've been dancing around here about is that it's a really delicate balance, unfortunately.  Not only do I want to play more of the games I -own-, but I want to play more games that came out this year so that I have at least 10 games of this year to speak on come January 2012.  I still need to pick up a copy of Dead Space 2 and ball-up to play it, but I'm really wondering/worried about whether or not I'll still be able to get Dead Space:  Extraction if I buy a Limited Edition copy somewhere for ~$30.  (I still only see Limited Edition copies)  While it's not a deal-breaker, I have Move, Extraction is something I'm interested in, and I'd like to be able to get it as it claims I'm able to for buying a Limited Edition copy of the game.  Depending on how my monetary situation goes, I might be able to swing a couple of other games that are on the cheap now, but the problem is finding the time to play them all.

Oh well.  I'll get to it eventually.  Here's hoping for cold weather to keep my PS3 cool for long enough periods of time that I may enjoy gaming like it was supposed to be enjoyed.  Now that I know when the Vita comes out, I feel like there's a calm before I start gaming up a storm because that's exactly what I'm going to do.  My Vita is going to feel violated by the end of the week because of how much I'm going to put it through; not only with the actual Vita games, but PSP/PSOne games, checking out the internet browser (mainly seeing if Youtube works on it; it's been long enough and if it's the PS3 browser it honestly should) and other such things.  If I didn't enjoy Christmas so much, I'd be really impatient right now.


  1. Every copy of the Limited Edition (for PS3) comes with extraction on the disc - you don't need an unlock code or anything for it.

    The "project ten dollar" thing with DS2 is EA's online pass for the multiplayer.

  2. Ooooo. Excellent. I have a gift card hanging around here somewhere that I believe has enough to cover DS2. Or make it pittance to do so otherwise. Thanks for the info!