Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yakuza: Of the End gets a release date (again)

So, after the events of the earthquakes in Japan, a lot of video games were put on hold, if not canceled outright (Disaster Report 4, never forget), one of them being Yakuza:  Of the End.  Which is understandable, really, as they just didn't want games being put out, showing off civilizations in shambles and the like; it was all around already.

Just today, though, Yakuza: OtE has a new date of June 9th, and some proceeds of the game will go to the Red Cross to help out.  And honestly, that's probably the best way to go about it; everyone still gets their entertainment and gets to help out a bit as well.  Hopefully, if Sega decides to localize it, they'll do the same thing so we all can get a little chance to help out.  While I'm still a little skeptical of the game as is (Third-Person shooter in my Beat-em-up series?), I'd be more than happy to get it Day One if it'll help out a bit.

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