Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Pokemons, let me show you them.

Well, not exactly, as I don't really have them yet, but I wanted to nerd out about Pokemon tonight (without using the accented e, because I'll be goddamned if I'm going to memorize the code for that and hit it everytime I type Pokemon.) and I figured the best thing to do, rather than another "Beldum" type article, would be to show off my teams, or, rather, my planned teams and to go over the process involved in picking them.  (Protip:  Most of them are picked because they rock in some form.)  As I haven't gotten Black or White yet, everything is just in the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/Heart Gold/Soul Silver area.

Now, my ultimate 'dream' for my Pokemon situation is to have two teams:  An Electric Team and an Ice Team.  Sure, having a mono-themed team is pretty much not the norm outside of if you're a Gym Leader (which, hey, people do that, I guess), but I really like Electric and Ice types, and I liked enough of both that I can't just make a single team with both of them.  Dunno if I'll do both of them in this post, but we'll see.  Definitely, at least, I'll do my Electric team here.

First and foremost, we have a Raichu.  Why?  Because Raichu is a goddamn boss, alright?  Now, I admit, I got my first Raichu allllll the way back in the beforetimes with Red, because, hey it was all new, Pikachu was the hotness, and I didn't care about whether or not my Pikachu didn't want to evolve or not, because I wanted it to.  So I did, and he had Thunderbolt, Thundershock, Quick Attack, and Pay Day because this Raichu knew how to make it rain.  (Oddly enough, Pokemon Stadium later informed me that my Raichu was a female.)

Ever since, I've always mained a Raichu.  No matter what game, my first goal was always, "Obtain Pikachu, Evolve to Raichu."  Sure, it wasn't always easy, but it was always the most important thing.  And it always paid off, in varying degrees because, as I said, Raichu is a goddamn boss.  In Diamond, I found that you could teach it Grass Knot which, for the uninitiated, deals 'more damage to heavier foes'.  Because I guess it makes them trip and bigger they are, harder they fall, etc. etc.  How you trip an Onyx is beyond me, but regardless, it ruled.  That Raichu (named Kaminari for, literally, Lightning God) was nearly indestructible and didn't afraid of anything.

Now, I don't really have this one yet, because I'm thinking about just making Kaminari take a spin with CornerGirl, my resident Ditto in the Daycare Center to send the eventual egg off to my HG game, where I'm actually forming the teams because HG/SS are way cooler and more convenient than D/P.  Not sure about Platinum, but probably.  That way, not only is it straight-descended from the bossest goddamn Raichu I've ever had, but it'll likely come with Grass Knot, maybe.  I don't know how egg moves work.

Next up, we have Ampharos.  Now, I'll be the first to admit, I wasn't a fan of Ampharos, simply because every Pokemon person I knew was a power snob, so they just looked at the straight numbers, and always tried to tell me how Ampharos was better than Raichu.  And I wasn't having that shit, alright?  Do not slander my Raichu, because my Raichu is better, regardless.  Because it's mine.  But then on my Heart Gold playthrough, I caught a Mareep because of the distinct lack of being able to catch a Pikachu for a long while.  I was bummed about that, but went, "Well, I can get -an- electric type at least." and when I caught Mareep, I had the brilliant idea to name it "RobotDream", which is freaking awesome.  (You should get this.)

And as I fought along with it, I grew to like the little guy.  He ended up being super righteous as well, and earned his spot into my Electric team by simply being my Electric go-to in Heart Gold.  Also it is pretty powerful, after all, so it's not like I'm begrudgingly accepting it; it's going to kick some ass for me, so it's plenty welcome round these parts.  By these parts, I mean, you know, my DS cart.

Next guy basically doesn't need any introduction.  This is Luxray, and yes, he is indeed a badass mouse-wolf.  Somehow.  I don't even know, but, y'know, whatever.  The point is, this dude is a bad dude and will not let you forget it.  His purpose is doubly important in the team; Electric pokemon are sort of more favored to Special Attack, but Luxray is more physical and with Bite/Crunch, he's able to flex that in the face of things that might be a little more susceptible to that.

I think I had one of these in my Diamond game the first playthrough and ended up naming it Sonic, because it's got the Sonic spikes going on and is also of the rodent family somewhat.  Sure, given the coloring, Shadow might have been a little more appropriate, but you know what?  Shadow sucks.  He has a shit(tier) game series (were there more than one?) than Sonic, has to be extreme all the time without really looking made for it, and in general suffers from Waluigi syndrome.  (Being made to be a clear foil to a character for no other reason than, well, they needed one.)  But the point is, Sonic is awesome, and so was my Luxray.

Next is the badass Rotom.  Now, it doesn't look like it, but trust me, this thing rocks.  Not only is it only psuedo-legendary (and thus, usually not banned from stuff, I think.  Also, it can breed.), it's an Electric Ghost.  Just wrap your mind around that for a moment.  Here, let me help you with a mental image.  Picture a ghost for a minute.  Got it?  Good.  Now electrify it.  There's Rotom.  Something that, when you think about it in those terms, could really, really wreck your day.

Now, the cool thing about Rotom is that, actually, it's only usually Electric-Ghost.  Being that it is able to possess inanimate objects for a sort of Poltergeist situation, it can change its subtype depending on what it possesses.  Now, this is just in Platinum, which I don't have, so I don't know the intricacies about it, but it can possess an oven, refrigerator, washing machine, rotary fan, or a lawn mower to be Fire, Ice, Water, Flying, or Grass as a subtype to Electric.  Now, I know you're like, "What, but that doesn't-"  And let me stop you there.

It's pokemon, I ain't gotta explain shit.

This one isn't certain.  Electrivire looks like a beast.  I mean, just look at that.  But I never really liked Electabuzz, and to get Vire, you have to evolve one of those by trading it with an item you only have one of (I think), so you've pretty much got one shot with this.  Knowing that drives me crazy, because I know I'll figure out all this nonsense to get it to be the best, EV train it, and end up evolving it at the wrong level or picking something completely awful for it or something.  And that would suck.  So I'm not sure if I want that sort of hassle or not.

But man, just look at him.

Finally, which is in the same 'not sure if want' category with Electrivire is Magnezone.  Which, I mean, look at it, is basically a flying, electric UFO.  With magnets.  Which, as we know, work miracles.  Or are magic.  Or...something.

I'm pretty sure it's easier to get one of these; you just have to level up a Magneton in a specific area (if memory serves correctly) which means it's not as one-and-done as Electrivire, but it still would take a lot of time and effort to do, and when you consider that 1) Magnemite/Magneton aren't even all that good and 2) It's a steel pokemon that isn't Skarmory, I'm not sure if it's something that would fit my style.

Maybe I'll take a look at the electric types again and try to pick some others out, but for now, that looks like the top picks so far.  As in, s'far as candidates for my Electric team go.  I've briefly considered a few other options but haven't really looked into them too much.  And more or less, none of this team is assembled properly, so it's a far-off dream.  But it's a dream nonetheless.

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