Friday, April 15, 2011

Follow-Up to the possible New Nintendo Console.

So with my last article, I kind of muddled my ideas on it into the sole theory that it wasn't going to happen, thus making me not even see the possibilities of it.  After as much was pointed out to me, I started thinking on it, and am prepared to think of it as if it were a thing that was happening, even if I still really, really doubt that it's going to happen in the way it's described.  But that'll be the only time (hopefully) that I mention my doubts; from here on out, I'll just go ahead and say what's being said, and give my thoughts on it.

It's going to be more powerful than the PS3/360; significantly so.  Alright then.  I guess that means Nintendo's going to try this whole HD thing right, then?  Perhaps it means they'll pack in enough power to ensure that games run, at minimum, 720p, instead of being scaled up to that in most cases.  That would certainly be impressive, and I imagine the power to actually do that consistently, without cutting corners, would have to require a machine that is, in fact, significantly more powerful than the HD-Consoles of this gen.  I would certainly hope by the time this thing is getting sold, they'll pack in HDMI cables, though; having to buy them overpriced from a store, or super-cheap online is wearing a bit thin.

I do have to wonder what this means for the Wii Backwards Compatibility, which will assuredly be in it and has been reported to be in, though.  Perhaps a smoothing option, ala PS3's PS2/PSOne emulation?  So that the older games that may have not been designed to be absolute visual treats actually stand a chance of looking like anything but pre-PS2 awfulness.  Which, unfortunately, some developers let their Wii games look like that.  For that matter, though, I wonder if GameCube compatibility will still be in; theoretically, it might not be that difficult, but I'm not sure how difficult the GC emulation on the Wii is, nor how difficult Wii Emulation on this new console will be.

The new console's controller has a touch screen.  Wait.  Okay, wait.  Waaaaaaiiiiiiiit.

I'm not the only one who went here, right?  Right?

Of course, it's not the same thing; not even especially close as the VMU doesn't really have a touch screen.  But with Nintendo's Wii Remotes already possessing the ability to carry a save about to take to a friend's house or somesuch, having a level of interactivity with the new controller is just the very next step.  I mean, it's not like the idea of something happening within the controller hasn't been attempted yet, even.

Granted, once again, not exactly the same idea, but close enough.  Just take this and put it to the new controller and you have a neat little time-waster at the very least.

I can't deny that the picture gaming journalists are painting in regards to this new console isn't tempting, because it is; as long as this new thing would be as Nintendo-Strong as everything else they've released, I wouldn't mind buying one fairly early on, if just to catch up on some of the Wii games I've skipped out on for lack of the need to get my own Wii to off-set the lack of time I can spend with the Wii that's already in the house.  I mean, I own Madworld and Animal Crossing for Wii; I do have a sort of vested interest in the console.  It's just that playing a Wii at midnight and later hours of the night isn't appealing to me.  Once again, we'll just have to wait until E3 to see what, if anything, is delivered!

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