Tuesday, April 19, 2011

PSP Go: Fire-Sale On?

According to a few places (Depending on where you look), the PSP Go has been discontinued.  Often laughed at by, well, everybody for the piss-poor strategy it was put out with (Higher than the norm, unable to play a small percentage of the games, people overlooking the advantages entirely), it did nonetheless win over the hearts of a few people thanks to said advantages.  The on-board, expandable storage, the nicer form factor, and the extra portability, etc. all seemed appealing if you could just overlook the price.

Well, I would imagine that if this is true, and stores are informed that they will no longer be getting boxes of them, they will start doing their best to get rid of them.  Such is the way business works, of course.  So if you don't have one already and would be interested, maybe you want to keep your eyes open.  Who knows what could happen?

For me personally, I've always kind of wanted one, but never could pull the trigger for, well, fairly obvious reasons; lack of money, lack of desire to re-purchase my games, lack of want to delve into the world of Custom Firmware to -not- have to re-buy my games, lack of enjoying purely digital versions of full-retail games, etc. Still, if the price is right, my 1000 could certainly use a little company, since it and the DS don't really get along.  It'd be a neat little addition to my gadget family.

Update!:  Well, it's starting to look more and more official.  Get those deal-goggles on, gents.

Update 2!:  North America's not giving up just yet.  I think I have whiplash.

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  1. I luuuuurve my Go. Benefits of being a late adopter - I had no UMD library to tie me down.