Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up in Gaming - March 28 - April 3

So, I've got a few things to talk about here, and as such, let's get started.

This will likely be the last time I talk about the Sly Cooper series in a while.  Barring an announcement of Sly 4, I won't see a need to bring it up again, given that I finally beat Sly 3 this week, put the disk in the case, and immediately filed it back into my games case, rather than putting it back in my "To Play" pile.  Because I'm done with it.  All the trophies are mine, all three plats, plus a 100% for the mini-games.  I have absolutely zero interest in trying to one-up my own scores on the challenges.  There's just nothing more to see there, and I can't say I'm all that disappointed about it.

I did enjoy the ride while it lasted, though.  Mostly.  The ending of Sly 3, for me, just completely fell apart, and I can't help but leave a little bittered to the whole experience by it, but not too badly.  I just saw something there that could have worked, and not only did they ignore it, but they addressed it and smacked it down with such gusto that it felt like a waste even including the idea in the first place.  I am, of course talking about (without too much spoiling, since I don't want to put a spoiler in this one) the main boss' attempt at swaying a gang-member.  It just felt, with the way they so wholly and totally smacked it down that there was no real point to bring it up in the first place, since all it did was get my hopes up and then annoy me.

Speaking of annoying, THE FINAL BOSS.

I've said it to my friend countless times, but I swear that I don't know how the same team is responsible for inFamous.  Because not once did I actively dislike a boss battle in inFamous, but, quite the contrary, I'm not sure if there was any boss fight in the Sly Cooper series that I liked.

Still though, the concept and the characters kept it fresh enough to make me want to pummel through everything, and I did.  And am still somehow looking forward to seeing just what Sly 4 brings to the table when it comes around.  And it -is- coming around, in case you didn't know.

Which, I mean, I know you did.

Moving on, this is the point where I try and think of more things to say about Dynasty Warriors 7.

I beat Shu's story today, which, I found, plateaued early, only to head downward from there.  Now, when you start getting into the DW games and KOEI's (which is mostly Luo Guanzhong's) take on the war, you'll learn really quick that Shu is 'the nice guy' of the three kingdoms, which, historically, and well according to the novel at some points, is pretty far from the truth.  And depending on how they run with it, it gets really old, quickly.  And unfortunately, in 7, they did, by simply challenging you to make a drinking game out of the latter half of the story, taking a drink every time someone says "benevolence".

Still, the characters were mostly enjoyable, some of them were more fun than they had any right to be, and though the last map is frustrating in its "Go here.  Now go allllll the way back here.  Now go alllllllllthe way back where you just were" tendencies, not once was I bored, nor was I ever at a lack of entertainment.  At the behest of a friend, I'm going to start sinking my teeth into Conquest mode before getting back into the stories.  Since Conquest mode is where the bread is going to get buttered for this game, assuredly.  The trophies/achievements for it allude to possible extensions via DLC later, not to mention the free DLC of classic (As in earlier DW games) costumes and Japanese Voice Overs that's already been made mention of.

I honestly can't wait to get some extra costumes.  Because, while a lot of the characters look fine, a lot of them...well, don't.  Getting to use DW3 Gan Ning will be glorious.  And hopefully a few of the new additions (namely Ding Feng) will get an alternate look as well.

That's about all my week went to this week, really.  I played some pokemon fire red, because I want to get a Delibird for my Heart Gold or Diamond, but that's a goal that will be a ways off.  It was just grinding, anyways, so not a lot to talk about there.

So, yeah.  Til next week!


  1. Aw - I liked the ending of Sly 3. I thought it really tied everything together well, and gave us the Sly & Carmelita resolution we've expected since the beginning of the series.

  2. Also, this reminds me: are we gonna' get reviews of Dynasty Warriors and Yakuza 4?

  3. I really should have liked the ending to Sly 3, but I just got annoyed with the way it was handled I guess. The Carmelita part was nice, yes, but I imagine I would've been happier had the voice actress not made me hate her (and if she hadn't jumped in through a window that had, well, no business being there).

    I like a little bit of surprise, so that the offer was turned down so heartily didn't really offer much. Even if it was a sudden face-heel-face turn, it would've made me happy.

    As far as reviews, I've been wondering on them myself, and I'm not quite sure I can be impartial enough to actually review them properly. I might test the waters with one or the other, when I get them properly finished.