Monday, April 11, 2011

Rainy Mondays Suck.

But I guess it could have been worse, given the fact that it was supposed to storm all day.  Severely.  Which I had made preparations for.  Thanks, Meteorologists.  Keep doing what you're doing.  I would say that is why I'm not prepared to do an actual post tonight, but that would be a little false.  Half-false.  It's merely exacerbating the problem. 

As we know, I had to do an "I'm tired, so here is me rambling" post about Dragons Friday (Which, I -wanted- to do a post about Dragons anyway, and perhaps will do another, better one at some point, because I mean, Dragons.) and, well, I've been tired ever since.  I get energy at the oddest times, but overall, I've just been "Bleh" lately.  Which might sound like cause for concern, but I highly doubt it; I've had a lot of stress lately that I think is just starting to catch up with me, not to mention it's Spring, and Spring sucks.

So, honestly, I just do not have content currently.  I mean, I could talk about how I powered through Wei's story on Dynasty Warriors 7 today, but I want to save most RotK stuff for that series of posts that I honestly swear I will start at one point soon.  The big hurdle with that has been the presentation.  There are a lot of important figures to bring up, and I don't know how to detail them.  Do I go, "something something Liu Bei.

"Liu Bei, by the way, was a descendant of the Liu family which has direct ties to the Han Empire" etc. etc., Just describe what seems important at the time and let you remember while they keep getting mentioned over and over again?  Describe only events and battles in the main posts, then make special posts on a separate day dedicated solely to explaining the main players?

The other hurdle is that I haven't actually finished Luo Guanzhong's "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", which is mostly what people consider as the history of it.  Which is silly, since the very first section involves the three Zhang's making it rain blood with sorcery.  But, whatever, I would like to read that and brush up on my actual knowledge before or during the series so it'll be fresh and I can describe events as clearly as I can while making it (hopefully) entertaining.  Which introduces yet another hurdle; Do I present the Romanticised version with foot notes saying "Here's what actually happened here"?  Do a post about the Novel version of events, collect a few of them and make a post about the actuality of those events?

Potentially, I'm over-thinking it, I understand that.  But I have a great deal of respect for history, and I want to treat it, and you the readers, with the respect and knowledge that can come with it.  I'm obviously not really a teacher on anything, but I do like to share my knowledge with others in the best way possible.  I'm sure I'll figure out a way about it; I mean, I'll have to.  Still, suggestions might be helpful!

Speaking of suggestions!  Does anyone know a reliable site with screen-caps of a lot of movies?  Finding screens of movies for my "Popcorn On" articles are a bitch to get.  Because IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes don't allow linking to their pictures.  Assholes.

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