Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A More Overt News-Dump

Alright.  I am not in much of a 'thinking' mood at the moment, but there are a few new things kicking around that should at least be mentioned.  And while this has nothing to do with any of it, here is some music to listen to because it is awesome.

This is from Dynasty Warriors 7, as you might or might not realize right off the bat.  It is pretty righteous.  Now, with that, let us begin the news!

1.)  New God of War for 2012 (Rumor).  Well, first off, this would be awesome.  Most definitely, at least in my view because, as we know, God of War is a series that I extremely enjoy.  Really, really not sure where they'd go with a new game unless they took the easy route, which, hell, I would play and enjoy.  (I imagine that route would go the way of the Norse, though.)  I'd hope they wouldn't take the route some developers do when they've written as far as they want to go and go 'back' for a prequel (though it has worked in the past.  Snake Eater, anyone?) since, well, they've done prequels at this point.  And something like an AU deal would likely not be called "God of War 4".

Honestly, if they take the aforementioned easy route and, as I said, go with the Norse mythos, I'd honestly just hope for a whole new series that is either set in the events leading up to Ragnarok, or during Ragnarok.  (Honestly, it would put the developers hiring multiplayer people in a whole new light.  Would you like to be a part of fucking Ragnarok?  Tell me that wouldn't be a draw to people wary of an online foray.)

2.)  EA's Project $10 Plan for Alice 2? A whole game.  I hadn't really put too much stock into this the first time I read about it, but at the time, I just figured it was a PC only thing and didn't really, well, think about it.  But no, apparently it's for all three platforms.  So even though I have American McGee's Alice around here somewhere for PC; I could have it again on a platform more suited to my gaming at the moment.  With trophies!  Well played, EA.  Well played.

I don't have too much stock into the game, as, like I said, I bought it somewhere and played a bit of it, but I've never been a PC gamer so I didn't do much.  When I say I played a bit of it, I mean like maybe ten minutes.  And though there's an LP out there by one of the LPers whom I watch, I haven't really sat down and checked it out.  I guess I'm just not that much of an Alice person.  Perhaps, with time, that'll change.

3.)  Everything is ruined forever. (Or at least until 2012 now.)  The Last Guardian, and the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Collection have all been pushed back to some unidentified date.  While this isn't -much- of a surprise, it still stings.  A lot.  Although maybe by the time they actually come out, 3D TVs will be a little more approachable in both design and cost and taking full advantage of the 3D capabilities of the games will be something easier to imagine.  That would be nice, especially considering that we don't know if the 'locked at 30 FPS' thing that was confirmed for SotC is -just- for 3D mode or static, regardless.  Might as well get the most out of it if possible, yeah?

4.)  Home gets another update.


5.)  Minecraft gets to Beta 1.5 (.0_1)  I don't do a lot of Minecraft news because, well, I don't have the game, and everytime I admit that, a little piece of me dies because I want it that bad.  But I can't have it, not yet, and possibly not even before it officially releases alongside Skyrim, but at some point, it will be mine.  But mentioning this new patch seems well enough since I've watched quite a few videos on it lately, and it seems rather endowed with content.  Not so much as previous updates, but, well, I'm not the type to care.  Content is content after all.

With the new update, there is now weather, including the return of snow (though not endless snow as it was in the Alpha's 'Winter Worlds' pre-biomes), and bringing along rain and storms with it.  Storms seem rather...well, strange, in that lightning is actually poised to, well, hit things instead of just being there for the effect.  Internet rumors (that I haven't seen confirmed yet) say that lightning striking a Creeper (for the uninitiated, it's a giant walking cactus looking thing that explodes) makes it into a Super Creeper, which increases the blast radius of its explosion.  Striking other things, I imagine, just makes it die and drop whatever it drops.  (The most notable exception being that if a Pig dies by being struck by lightning, the ham that it drops is cooked)

Powered rails are now in as well, which seem to make designing large-scale minetracks easier, since you don't have to worry about setting up rather gigantic and unwieldy stations for boosters.  It also provides a new use for Gold, which, at this point is fairly useless outside of watches.  Detector rails don't seem equally as useful to me, but then again, I don't have the game, so maybe I'm missing something crucial.

And finally, which is probably the most/least important thing of the update, is that the new types of trees (Birch and Pine) now drop, er, Birch and Pine Saplings.  So you can grow more.  Why this didn't happen initially is beyond me, but hey, now it's a thing.

I believe we are all sufficiently informed of things now.

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  1. Aaaaaw I didn't even hear about the Last Guardian thing >.< bah, humbug!