Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter! (Sort of.)

So, it was a pretty good Easter.  I now have in my possession some rather tasty candies that I will use to cheer me up from the goddamn mugginess of today, and the usual storms all night.  (Protip:  It's never stormed all night, it just starts, and then stops after I have the computer turned off and unplugged.  Like a dick.)  As such, since I don't have much time until the initial volley of thunder starts flying, I'll make this quick.

These things right here?  These things rule.  I am a man who enjoys a good jelly bean, and though these are not your usual jelly bean, they are still fantastic, if mostly because of how different they are.  Like nerds, they have a hard candy outside, these in particular are ridged, not unlike a basketball, but right below that candy coating is the jelly innards you expect from a jelly bean.  Though I'm never a fan of Green Apple and Watermelon (Why don't people use Lime anymore?  WHY?!), I can easily skip those for the other flavors that are just wonderful.

If I were pressed, I would give these four eggs out of five.  While they are delicious, the inclusion of a bad green flavor brings their grade down, and they are rather sweet, thus preventing you from really wanting more than a couple at a time.

These Sweetart Gummi Bunnies are equally delightful, if only for the fact that I've never come across these in my life.  As you can sort of tell from the picture, they aren't smooth like Gummi Bears or Worms (or sharks, if you're into that sort of thing), but the texture isn't off-putting at all.  From the feel, I almost expected them to have a sour kick to them, as it felt like they had those sour crystals you find on other candies, but, in all honesty, there's not that either, just the general sweet fruit taste you'd expect from any other Gummi product.  Once again, the green is not Lime, which is such a shame.  However the inclusion of Blue Raspberry almost makes up for it.

These get a Three and three quarters Egg out of Five.  While I like some of the flavors more than the Nerd Eggs, the texture really surprised me, as, again, I expected sour and it did not deliver.  (I do enjoy sour things on occasion.)  Granted, that's more of a personal issue than a stab at them themselves, but, as the eggs before them, they are sweeter than I'd imagine and I can't eat more than a couple in a short time.

There are no words.

Five out of five eggs.  Despite the package only having four.  I'm going to go eat one now.

Update!  It was so good, you guys.  So good.

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