Friday, April 8, 2011

Really Tired

So, I am pretty tired.  Like, so tired that it transcends 'pretty' and goes into 'really' territory, as noted by the title.  But, and as I always say when I have these sorts of situations, I want to put out some content at the very least.  So I thought, "Hey, I can probably grab a few news bits for gaming things and write on them for a bit."  And then I looked for news and realized, "Oh, there's....nothing I really care about.  So nothing I would write about."

So, fuck it, let's talk about Dragons.

Dragons are pretty cool, guys.  As pretty much the universal standard for setting any scenario as a whimsical, fantasy setting, they have also been everywhere.  Which isn't a bad thing at all; honestly it's deserved that dragons are everywhere since they rock.  Sometimes out-loud.  And with all sorts of other fantasy-level icons entering more 'modern' settings (Werewolves, Vampires, Wizards), Dragons have managed to stay just where they are, despite likely shitty movies, which is pretty impressive given Hollywood's apparent need to uproot anything and everything to 'change your thoughts' on it and put things out of their 'nature'.  Because it makes for 'interesting' 'story-telling'. Air quotes.

To be honest, I've been thinking about Dragons ever since Monday, when I did the write-up about Hoard and realized that I seem to be drawn to games with Dragon themes.  Yakuza, Drakengard, Phantasy Star Online etc., and I wondered why that is.  Briefly.  Before coming to the conclusion that Dragons are just that awesome.

Really, just looking at dragons, they're giant winged lizards that breathe fire, smash things, can shapeshift and cast other forms of magic, and are almost guaranteed to be older and smarter than you, no matter what.  Well, sort of 50-50 on that last one, depending on what sort of reference you're taking your dragons from, as some things depict them as the described, where others simply have them as any other beast of the world, but with a fondness for riches.  One that still lacks real explanation aside from ones different writers try to attach to the pre-known idea.

Now, my challenge to you, my readers, is to name me a beast more awesome than a dragon.  I submit that it will be a difficult task, to say the least, but give it a shot anyway.  It's not like if you pick something cooler, it'll make dragons any less cool, after all.

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