Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blurgh. Content that is not my Content.

I am pretty much a blob tonight with fingers.  I have absolutely no energy, no drive, nothing.  Partly because I'm just tired, partly because my mind's been doing somersaults because of the PSN stuff that is going down.  Between worrying and trying to not worry, rationalizing and doom-saying, not to mention bullshit with the weather, I have just got nothing.  Aside from, well, other things that I can distract you with.  That are pleasant.

So remember when I told you guys Mortal Kombat: Legacy ruled?  Well, two more episodes have since gone up and my stance remains unchanged.  I'm a little disappointed with Machinima's decision to make a 'censored' version to premiere and then put out the uncensored version the Friday following, as it just seems, well, arbitrary and last-minute, since I am fairly positive the first episode was uncensored.  Oh well.  As before, I will Embed here, but I would seriously suggest you to just watch from the comfort of Youtube proper.  Perhaps full screen with a drink and a small snack.  (Since the second episode is actually part two of the first, and the third is, assumedly, another two-parter.)

So, yeah.  There you go, something neat to settle up with on this most awful of evenings.

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