Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Noooooow it Makes a Little More Sense

So, last week I wondered just what in the hell this whole Second Analog add-on for the 3DS was, and why Nintendo thought this was a thing that was a good idea.  I mean, granted, a second stick -is- a good idea, in theory and generally only works well enough when it's on the system to begin with, not added less than a year after it was released.  I mean, the 'official' reason, I guess is that it was for Monster Hunter Tri G which was just announced, and since it was brought up a few other games have announced they'll support it as well.  But it never really felt right, like a thing that was tossed out this....cavalier-like.

Well, Monster Hunter 4 on the 3DS on top of Monster Hunter Tri G makes it all make just a little more sense.  Signing on for not only one, but two Monster Hunter games and 'first crack' at 4 which was previously unannounced (but will most certainly be announced for other things) seems like enough of an incentive to make a no-doubt conditional add-on this early on in the 3DS' lifespan.  While I'll swear up and down that the 3DS is not doing as badly as everyone wants to believe for some reason, and that the thing will eventually take off of its own merit more than anything, a sure-hit like this will be a kick in the pants that the 3DS 'needs'.

It feels a little cheap being the guy sitting here saying that the 3DS is going to take off because it's going to and when it does, I won't even be the one to say "I told you so", more like "Yeah, big surprise" because, again, Monster Hunter 4 isn't what the 3DS 'needs'; all it needs is time.  The DS had enough this go-around that they've got a lot of devs who won't be switching over to the Vita (with their series at least, they might make something new), so as soon as the 3DS gets the equivalent to the DS line-up of the same games (as is Nintendo's style) everyone and their uncle will have a goddamn 3DS and I honestly don't get how people don't see this.

Regardless, this is pretty much a huge boon for Nintendo since they got 'first crack' at MH4, like I said before.  I'm not even going to 'predict' that MH4 is going to be on other things; it's going to, because I have not seen one mention of exclusivity anywhere and we all know that would be trumpeted from the rooftops if it were the case.  But being able to be the first people to say "Hey.  Hey.  We've got this game from this series." to everyone is huge in the industry.  So even come Sony's day with TGS when they're like "Hey, we have Monster Hunter 4 too", it likely won't get as much coverage or as much mindshare.  Now, whether or not people buy it for Vita or 3DS is the point where it'll matter and that's just what we'll have to wait and see on.

Speaking of the Vita, Monster Hunter 4 isn't going to be the only game announced for it soon.  Army Corps of Hell was just revealed from Famitsu as a Squeenix project for the Vita.  Keeping with the theme, it's apparently going to be a Monster Hunter style of game with 4-Player Co-op in...er....hell.  I guess.  Of course, Squeenix isn't making it, just publishing or producing it for the Vita; a company called Enter Sphere has the honor of making this....wonderfully named game.  That's basically all I wanted to do, was point out that there was going to be a game named "Army Corps of Hell" on the Vita.  Keep.....keep on truckin', Squeenix.

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