Saturday, September 24, 2011

Haven't Heard About the Wii-U in a While..

Until now, that is, with Pete Hines, VP of Marketing at Bethesda stating that Skyrim on the Wii-U is a 'possibility', provided the Wii-U can support the game.  Which, I find a little funny, since it's a Bethesda game, and in all reality, nothing can properly support a Bethesda game since....well, this is a really long build-up to making fun of Bethesda for releasing buggy games, so I'll just kinda stop there and give away the punchline.  Because, y'know, Bethesda makes buggy games.  Buggy games that are, at times, really fun and offer a large variety of things to do, much more than most games, but buggy nonetheless.

Given that we still don't know when the Wii-U is actually going to come out, what it's going to really be like when it's completed, how the controller set-up is really going to work and a pile of other things, I don't really know how much weight needs to be put into this, since the console could very well not come out for a couple years yet.  When it actually comes out of the factory, all these games that have been shown as playable on it will be outdated heavily and it's only anyone's guess if said games will ever be put on the console, or in what fashion.  Maybe PS3-style dual-packs of 'classic' (at that point) games at a reduced price with additional Tablet possibilities?  I wonder if Nintendo is going to come up with some sort of mandatory thing for ports, as Sony/Microsoft have (Well, more Sony since Microsoft doesn't want your stinking ports.) or if they'll just sort of let devs do whatever (read:  As little as possible) and call it a day.

I guess this is why I don't do a lot of talking about the Wii-U; there's just too much that's not really concrete at this point, and rather than looking at it favorably like the Vita, I am every shade of cautiously optimistic, since Nintendo's strategies for their last 'advanced' product haven't been panning out too well.  (though again, I will re-iterate that the 3DS will be just fine, goddamn people, we know this already)  But, by contrast, at least with the Vita, I have/had something a little more concrete than we have with the Wii-U; which is basically just games from other consoles playing on it and looking just as shiny as it does on the 'big boys'.  And a couple Nintendo-made videos, which, you never trust those kinds of videos since they're videos and not games.

Really, that's...about it, for things I have to say.  Slow news this weekend, unfortunately, and I haven't done much more in Yakuza 4 aside from challenge work, so nothing really to gush about there.  I guess there is the fact that Star Wars: The Old Republic finally has a release date and a pricing structure is a thing, if just because it's turned me off to the game completely ($15/Month?  Well, we know my thoughts on this) if just because I don't have a PC to play it, nor $15 a month it.  I guess I'll just see how it fares from the side-lines and if I get a good enough computer and the cash to put into it, I might dip my toes in.

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