Friday, September 2, 2011

And More Atlus News

After September 20th, screens like the above of Pesona 2:  Innocent Sin for PSP will be available in English as the game has been officially announced for North American release.  Which, given it's Atlus, isn't so much a surprise, but it's nice nonetheless.  Shin Megami Tensei:  Persona 2:  Innocent Sin:  Colons for PSP is a remastering of the original game of (mostly) the same name that was previously unreleased in North America because of one of the antagonists because I don't know.  So to have a version of the game finally in America-land will be pleasant for Collectors and people who just enjoy good games alike.

I....can't really say much for this news other than it's pretty cool.  As I've discussed previously, my wadings into the Shin Megami Tensei franchises haven't been very deep, but with the whole of the main Persona series soon to be playable on the Vita (y'know, when it comes out) I may just very well catch up on them if I ever find RPG time.  Since, well, with the Vita line-up, I might be stuck in the same situation I am with my PS3, in that there will be just too much to play and I won't be able to rush through everything to get to the next thing.  Especially since I'm not the type to say "Okay, gotta beat this game in (this timeframe) so I can move on!", since I prefer to, y'know, enjoy my games.

Honestly, I can't say too much about anything tonight.  Not to derail this post into something else, but I had a rather bad issue with anxiety earlier and have been thrown off ever since, as is usually the case, so I've just been trying to relax some since.  And there really hasn't been a lot of news to bring up aside from this and the fact that my interest in One Piece just shot up dramatically in recent days.  Granted, before that, my interest in One Piece was basically non-existent but anything to get more Beat-em-up goodness.

So yeah, that is today.  Anxiety, Persona 2 for PSP in America and punching dozens of nameless pirates(?) with an anime kids extraordinarily long arms.  Just a normal Friday.

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