Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bonus Post - This One's For You, Chance

Grand Knights History is one of the most fantastic looking games to ever grace the tiny screen of the PSP, and currently only available in Japan.  That, however is changing 'this winter' when XSEED publishes the game in America (on both UMD and PSN) and Rising Star Games handles the PAL version, which I can only assume will have the same set up as the North American launch.

I'm gonna openly admit here that I haven't mired myself in information for the game as I was really.....well, I always figured it would get localized, but I worried that, perhaps, it might not and would rather be surprised than disappointed.  Luckily this isn't the case, and luckily I have quite the library of information to look through.  Now the tough choice is whether to spring for the UMD version for all the comforts of buying a game, or getting the PSN version to ensure I'll be able to play it on my shiny new Vita.  This is kind of an awesome choice to have to make.

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