Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More on This Floating Hand Game

I posted about this strange, new game for Playstation Move earlier this month, mentioning that it was a rather neat looking title from Plastic and Sony Santa Monica and that I am utterly and completely fascinated with it, on that one video alone.  Sure, I sort of made it out to be something it likely won't be, but this is something that's so new, so different that it sends my mind into overdrive just trying to process what I'm seeing, let alone what could come from it.  I bring it up now, of course, because there's new news about it, directly from Eurogamer who has a brand new teaser video for it.

Well....two videos.  Kind of.  It's a little hard to explain, so you'll just have to see the videos for yourself here and here.  I assure you, despite what you might think, it is imperative that you watch both if you watch one; it's apparently a very vital clue to the overall idea or theme of the game.  I'll let you do that before continuing...


Alright, watched them?  Good.  So you see the slight difference there with the whole pig thing.  Well, the whole mystery of just what to call this game might've already been cracked.  The folks over at iWaggle3D think there's a very strong possibility the game might be called "Datura" and their reasoning is, well....fairly sound, I have to admit.  First off, we have the cryptic clue from Plastic about the two videos, "Comparing them will give you all the answers about our upcoming title," which can be taken two ways:  First the obvious one in that the part with the pig shows deviations that might just be important.  Secondly, and this is the more difficult one, you have to take a look once again at those two videos.  The first one was published by "aautdr", while the second was published by "trdaua" which, well, are basically gibberish words that you could sit down and try and make something out of for hours.

I'll make it easy for you:  iWaggle3D surmises the word of import here is "Datura", specifically Datura Stramonium which is a flower that creates a rather familiar outline.

Yeah?  Yeah?  I'm pretty convinced.  The fact that Datura plants have hallucinogenic properties is yet another fact that lends itself to the game.  Whatever it's going to be called, I cannot wait for more information on it.

Update!:  After checking my post that I linked to here, that embedded the first video of this game, I noticed the title has been changed to "Datura - First Teaser".  I guess this theory is spreading rather quickly.

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