Sunday, September 18, 2011

Binary Domain and Why I'm Suddenly Interested In It

The screenshot above is what the tipping point for me to really want to look into Binary Domain.  I saw it over at Joystiq from their TGS screenshots line-up and, well, the fact that it's a bloody android isn't really what drew me to it, but the fact that it was a bloody android bearing a striking resemblance to a Stalker from the game of the same name that did it.  I, like many others, have been looking for a follow-up to Kojima's attempt at a Blade Runner game (okay not really but) for quite some time and the only news we've gotten is a radio drama, with help from Suda 51, named Sdatcher which is...well, it sure is a Kojima move.

Of course, it's not really enough, and while I can guarantee you that Binary Domain will be nothing -nearing- Snatcher (As it's more Third-Person Shooter to Snatcher's Near-Adventure Game set-up), it's something even if it's but a fleeting resemblance.  To be honest, the best style for a Snatcher game in this day and age (oh geez, what am I, 50?  Then again, Snatcher was released in 1988 originally.  I was One.) would be, ideally, in the style of Heavy Rain with some Third or First person elements, as fighting shooting Snatchers will likely have to take place at some point.  Heavy Rain's, er, modern take on the Adventure Game style of yore is really the best fit for a game like Snatcher in my opinion and Kojima's interest in Heavy Rain has given me cause to hope for a long, long time now.

Regardless, the knowledge that Binary Domain has been done by the Yakuza Studios team (That feels so good to type) assures that when it comes out in English, I'll be buying it from brand loyalty alone.  It helps, of course, that third person shooters are my favorite types of shooters and I have a fondness for Sega/Yakuza Studios particular brand of absurdity, so it won't be me buying a game I have no interest in purely because of who made it (which, believe me, I've done before), though I don't know quite what to expect.  Er, well, I know to expect shooting robots in third-person perspective, but that's about it.

The lack of fore-knowledge is comforting, however, as I like to go into all the Yakuza games knowing as little as possible (for obvious story reasons), so keeping that alive for another of their games only seems appropriate.  Though, with any luck, the trailers for Binary Domain will be in the same style as Yakuza 4's, because honestly, that voice.  Probably won't, but a man can dream, as I've done quite a lot of in this post, clearly.

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