Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Some Comforting Vita News

While I was unaware that it was a thing we even had to wonder about, knowing that PSPs and Vitas can play together (for PSP games) is, well, nice.  Again, I didn't think it was even an issue to be thought of, but then again, that's likely the first mistake anyone could make; never assume anything about the games industry and question everything.  The article mentions that the new PSP model is notably left-out from this, but I have to wonder (likely uselessly) if the new PSP actually can't communicate with anything, or if it still has local MP.  Since, well, that's....not the same thing as wi-fi, right?  Right?

Anyways, something oddly counter to the point being released isn't really surprising at this point and it's not what I want to talk about anyway.  I have been anticipating playing PSP games on the Vita online for quite some time now (specifically Phantasy Star Portable 2 and Metal Gear Solid:  Peace Walker, since I have/will have digital versions of them) and now I know that if people who want to play said games with me only have a PSP, it will not be an issue.  I'm restating that point over and over to try and figure out why it wasn't a given from the get-go and...well, not doing too well of it.

What I wonder about, which might also be a "Non-issue" concern, is how versatile the Vita's Multiplayer components will be.  Sure, we have Party, which is what everyone ever really wants, apparently, but I'm wondering if it'll let us do Multi-player through it, or if we'll have to rely on the already existing dedicated MP servers out there for games, like Phantasy Star Portable 2.  But what happens when those go down, are you just...stuck using Ad-Hoc Party to play them online?  And how does that translate into the Vita's usefulness re: PSP games?

Personally, I've been hoping that we'll be able to get an Ad-Hoc Party application in the Vita to let us play PSP games over the internet without having to bridge it through a PS3.  They've already shown that it's fairly possible on the PS3, as Monster Hunter 3 Freedom HD Nonsensically Long Title Whatever It Is has shown, with being able to run Ad-Hoc party (nearly in its entirety) in the background of the game to be able to play online with those playing the PSP version of the game.  Or...I guess other PS3 players, not really sure how that works, honestly, just that it's Ad-Hoc Party and works exactly like it with a Monster Hunter skin which had me all sorts of excited.

I'd imagine if they could work out an Ad-Hoc Party app like that, it wouldn't exactly work with the existing Party (which, it wouldn't need to, though it means you can't talk to people playing other games), but that'd be a necessary sacrifice, I guess.  But it would ensure that we get the most longevity out of our PSP games in the most convenient way possible.  I mean, I guess bridging the games through a PS3 wouldn't be too much of a hassle, but I hate having to do that.  I guess we'll see how that works out in December when it comes out for Japan!

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