Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yakuza: Of The End Mention? Hrm...

Daisuke Sato, who is part of the "Yakuza Studios" team and, relevant to this discussion, director of Yakuza Studios' first game Binary Domain was recently asked about Yakuza:  Of the End and possibilities on it still managing to leave the land of glorious Nippon.  And, unlike the basic answer we got so many times with Yakuza 3 of "We have no plans at this time", Sato was a little more candid and stated that, if -if- Yakuza: Of the End was to get released state-side, it would get some controls tweaking to make it, er, 'More appealing' to the western gaming persuasion.  IE, be closer to the Western style.  Whatever that means, I'm inclined to frown a little bit when reading and/or typing it out of impulse.

Then again, from what I've seen, heard, it seems that Yakuza:  Of the End sort of controls more like Resident Evil (I'm assuming 4 and/or 5), rather than the much, much better Third Person shooters that have come out since the former and the latter both, so if they would be able to make it control, er, better than those that would be much appreciated.  I don't really mind either way, I'm sure you guys know this already.  I want to take Majima out on a Shotgunning expedition to wreck some Zombie brains and figure out what in the hell is going on in Kamurocho.

Playing Yakuza 4 as I have been, this offers a neat little bit of perspective, so to speak, as I'm kinda stuck on thinking about what Zombie Apocalypse Kamurocho looks like.  Like I've said earlier, I -know- what Kamurocho looks like.  I know the lay of the land, if you tell me to go to Theater Square from Pink Street, well, I know just how to get there without consulting the map.  Etc. etc.  Just to imagine that some spots might just...not work like they do now, roads might be destroyed or buildings toppled or stuff like's a little more real than it would be in just about any other video game, honestly, if just because this city, Kamurocho has actually grown with the people playing the series from 1 to 4, like me, and is honestly 'familiar' now in a way that is more than just knowing where Kyushu No.1 Star is without looking at the map.

The stressed part of the news here is that Saito said, specifically "If" Yakuza:  Of the End is localized that it -would- have changed controls.  The two different stresses and the whole of the hypothetical versus the stock answer of "Not answering at this time" is certainly uplifting and instills hope, but as I have I will remain cautiously optimistic on localization news.  Even though I'm still not too 'want' on getting your TPS in my Brawler, the story is likely still top priority for the game and it's one of the many many things I enjoy about a Yakuza game, so even though the gameplay is different, I'll still be getting the same quality of story, assuredly.

Of course, if the game gets localized, I'm going to want the DLC too.  Let's....let's work this out, Sega.

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