Monday, September 12, 2011

Wait, What? GameStop Tablet?

As if there weren't enough things to give and get from GameStop, it's been announced that, not only will you be able to sell GameStop your Phones and Tablets, but apparently they will eventually be making their own tablet to sell you.  I guess....well, I guess this isn't a surprise to a lot of people, but honestly I wouldn't have seen this coming.  I probably would have expected the glut of GameStop-centric software these tablets are going to come loaded with, but not a GameStop-branded thing.  They just haven't seemed permeated into things yet, I guess.

Still, it's supposed to be out next year, and is supposed to be an actual 'Gaming Tablet', as opposed to the current "Tablets what can play games" and is going the extra mile to accentuate this by making a (probably optional) controller peripheral.  I wonder how that'll work.  Maybe it'll be like a thing that clicks onto the bottom of the tablet (held horizontally) and has a stick or two and some buttons.  I would hope that the controller -attaches- to the tablet, or else it wouldn't be a very mobile device.

It's also possible that it'll be able to stream games from their recent online gaming acquisition, and something they're looking into, but no real confirmation on that.  Not to mention that the system already has a veritable glut of games to be played on it via Kongregate, which is already owned by GameStop and has been for some time.  It's hard to say the level'quality' in the flash games at Kongregate isn't around the same level of all those cheap games you can buy from all the App Stores, honestly.  Granted, with real, actually meaty games coming to these devices (Final Fantasy Tactics:  War of the Lions for iPhone/Pad) it'll be hard to say that for much longer.  This isn't to say the fun little cheap, flash-games you can buy aren't 'real games', of course, but....well, you know what I'm getting at.

I'm surprising even myself in saying this, but I'm looking forward to new information about this thing with the barest hints of interest, hoping that they don't really screw the pooch on this.  I don't have a tablet currently, don't plan on getting one soon, but something gaming-centric is bound to get my interest roused of course, and while I harbor no real ill will to GameStop, I can hope there'll be some sort of parity there to make shopping there a bit easier.  Perhaps being able to pre-order a game through the tablet rather than going to the actual store (Which might just be a thing that can't happen), or having a credit calculator or something to waste time with.  (Seeing as I won't be selling my games to GAmeStop, but I know people who do and might be able to help them out with it.)  Something other than pure bloatware designed to just advertise new games coming out and to 'entice' you into the store proper.

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