Monday, September 5, 2011

Late Post with Music

So, you will notice that I posted late today.  Well....I didn't post yesterday, so in fact I missed a day.  That is because it was storming!  And I know you're like, "But Mogs, the Twitter Sidebar didn't say so!" and to that I say, "I know."  Because, you see, I post on twitter from my PSP when I'm going to be late, and my PSP was otherwise occupied by a game of Phantasy Star Portable 2 with Kaseius in which we I got so many rares.  I didn't even notice the time (not that there was much I could do since it was still storming) til the tail end of the session when I realized "Oh, I.....I didn't post, did I?"  And no, no I did not.  But I'm rectifying that!

Because I like music, I'm doing a music post for today (will likely do another post tonight) and in theme with what I just said, why don't we just go ahead and start this off with the main theme for Phantasy Star Portable 2, since I really really enjoy it.

You don't actually hear the whole of that in the main game which made it all the better when I listened to it prior to getting the embed code for here.  One of the comments suggests it's actually the Japanese version of the song, and, y'know what, whatever, it's close enough.  And pretty righteous.  I can't really pinpoint what it is about the song that I like, but it's one of those songs that I just can't stop listening to.  It's precisely why I haven't set it as the theme for my MC's (or any of my other characters for that matter) Room, because I would never leave if I did so.

Moving on fairly starkly, this is actually the first song that popped into my head when I decided to do a music post tonight.  Buying a game and having it include the soundtrack was, by all means, a completely foreign concept to me when I first picked this game up and at first, I was like "Well...that's cool, I guess."  I hadn't really paid attention to a lot of video game music besides the songs from Chrono Trigger, because I was fairly convinced that game music just didn't get any better than that and that no other game was worthy of a try or something.  Basically, I just tuned a lot of it out, is my point.  Now, while Chrono Trigger still has a fantastic soundtrack, I do open myself up to other games, and this was one of the first that made me do so, and mostly because of this song.

Grandia 2, when I got it on the Dreamcast, was pretty wonderful.  I believe I was just getting back into RPGs (the last one before that being either Skies of Arcadia, as I don't remember when that came out, or Ogre Battle 64) and it provided a nice pace that I found easy to move into.  I don't remember much of the story now, but at the time it was enjoyable enough, and the characters were fairly developed enough for me to really enjoy.  From what I remember, this played a lot when a certain character, Millenia, was around, whom I thought was pretty awesome as well, so it really worked out.  So without further ado, this is "Dangerous Zone" from Grandia 2.

No mistaking why I like this song, that's for sure.  The guitar is awesome, there's friggin' righteous keyboard parts, and it's just so high energy that it makes me want to punch things.  Manly like.  (Like that's hard to do with me, right?  Yakuza up ins.)

Speaking of Yakuza, I must say that I've become infatuated with the main theme for Yakuza 4, titled "For Faith".  It's....actually kind of a pretty song.  I'm using pretty loosely here since I can't think of a better way to describe it.  It's just nice sounding and powerful, if you're at all attached to the source material, as we know I am.

If you, the reader, could do me a favor, I have a standing argument with a friend who argues that the song is depressing to listen to.  While I accept there's a tinge of sadness in it (rather, that's what I attribute to the 'power' of it), I don't think it's depressing whatsoever and just think that it's a wonderful sounding song.  So if you could weigh in on that, that'd be just lovely.  I don't ask for a lot, y'know?  Just do this one thing for me.  (You don't have to.)

So, with that, I head off to bed as I have a rather long day ahead of me that starts in.....six hours.  Heh.  Happy Listening!

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