Friday, May 13, 2011

More Chrono Trigger Stuff

 So while we all found out last month that the second best version of Chrono Trigger will be playable on the PS3 and PSP at the tentative date of 'Sometime', which is now, 'Sometime in the future' given the PSN outage, it was only earlier this month that we found out the Top Best version of Chrono Trigger was heading to the Virtual Console.  I hadn't mentioned it before now, but hey, there it is.  And it's release date is less 'Sometime' and more 'Monday, May 16th.'.

That's a lot of links.

Anyway, as for most of my posts about Chrono Trigger, I feel the need to do a little explaining.  I'm not usually much of a gaming snob in the least, so for me to say that one version of a game is great and another is poor because of some of the content in it, is a little out of my way.  But we all have that one game or so that we just can't help but be picky about.  I'm sure for a lot of people, that game would be Final Fantasy 7, for others, possibly Ico (Given that there were a ton of people on the edge of their seats to find out whether the version of Ico included in the Ico/SotC Collection would be the NA or PAL Version.  It's PAL, btw.) or some other game.  We just can't help it.  These games were formative games in relations to our enjoyment or our actually stepping into this hobby.  So we want everything to be perfect for when they're inevitably retouched for the unknowing masses of a later age.

But regardless, the version of Chrono Trigger that will go up on the Wii's Virtual Console will be the classic SNES version, untouched by the new age, and fit for the highest nostalgia-factor for those of us who would know the feeling.  If you've got a Wii, got some space and some Wii Points, and you like good things, well, this is a no-brainer.

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