Monday, May 9, 2011

It's Way Too Hot, You Guys.

Like, it is so hot.  You don't even know.  This is the time where I hate not having a fan, because, well, it is very goddamn hot and a fan would help.  I mean, I have a tiny one, but I don't have a plug for it, and it doesn't do a lot anyway.  Like, it's just a little better than those handheld ones.  I need a fan that will make my whole room like, 62 degrees.  Which sounds a lot like an air conditioner, which I don't have!  Of course.

Minecraft storms are 80% cooler than real-life storms.  FACT.
The downside of this heat in Spring is also that Spring can't just be hot.  No, it has to be a constant battle of Hot fronts and Cold Fronts taking their turn flying over head just to make everyone miserable.  Which means storms.  Which means I may be missing a post or two this week.  Just, y'know, throwing that out there as a warning.  If you find yourself going through Kupowered Withdrawals because of this, just, y'know, read my Chrono Trigger DS Posts.  "But Mogs, I already read those!"  Well, read them again.  But no, seriously, I worked pretty hard on those, so if you would read them, it would be appreciated.

This heat is also pretty much interfering with a good bit of my gaming.  I did dig out a PS2 over the weekend and start up Romance of the Three Kingdoms X again, and had some pretty good times with it.  But I'm too paranoid to turn on my PS3 since I don't want it to explode before the PSN comes back up.  Whenever that is.  Because damnit, I got the Trophy for Answering all of the questions in DW7 which rendered all of my other work completely useless.  Of course.  The guy never did get back to me, by the way.  There's the update on that.  Anyways, the point is, I don't want the PS3 to explode because then I can't synch my trophies and then we're going to have what is known as a problem.

But the PS2 doesn't need nearly as much fussing over it, as far as I'm concerned, so this is a good thing.  I might head over to Nobunaga's Ambition here soon on that, or I might power through a few PS2 games I've actually never played.  Or, y'know, play some old favorites.  I'll let everyone know what happens with that.  Or I might jump back into heavy portable gaming.  I have been playing Castlevania:  Dawn of Sorrow again for reasons I myself can't discern, as I don't even really like the game.  And Valkyria Chronicles 2 does remain unbeaten still.

All I know is that I'm still hot, cranky, tired and hungry.  So, this is probably a good place to stop.

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