Friday, May 13, 2011

Giant Robot On - Armored Core 5 officially announced

Is....that a mech...dropkicking another mech?  I....think so!
This October will see another wave of giant robots hitting Japanese consoles for some good old fashioned giant robot action focused around the customization of such (if previous titles are a gauge) and the destruction of others.  At least, that's what I figure.  To be honest, I haven't really played a lot of Armored Core games.  I played one on the PS2 waaaay back and remember having a lot of fun with it, but...not so much in the latest installment.

I'm not really even all that sure what to make of AC4.  Maybe it's a game where you have to be a fairly solid fan of the series to really settle into it easily enough.  Which would certainly explain why my repeated attempts were met with disappointment and confusion.  The missions, at least the starter ones largely rely on very, very short time limits that really limit the amount of actual enjoyment you can gleam from destruction on a large scale that only a giant robot can create.  As such, all my gameplay sessions were short and bittersweet.  Perhaps I was doing it wrong, perhaps it changes later on, I don't know.

So file this one under "I'm keeping an eye on it", as I am wont to do with anything that will allow me to pilot a mech.  Or customize a mech.  Doubly for customizing and piloting a mech.  Just...just let me enjoy it, Armored Core creators.  Make me figure it out this time.

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