Friday, May 27, 2011

House of the Dead: Overkill announced for PS3

Pictured:  Improper Aiming Priorities.
In a not-so-surprising move, Sega has announced that House of the Dead:  Overkill will be the latest game to join the ranks of "Formerly Wii Exclusive" titles, in an attempt to capitalize on the invent of Move.  As Joystiq and Siliconera report, the up-port, in addition to featuring obviously better graphics and the almost obligatory 3D TV option, the game will come with two new scenarios made exclusively for the Extended Edition, which, well, makes sense given the title.  So, come October, Move owners will be able to shoot things and hear the word 'Fuck' said so many times, it loses all meaning.  Apparently.

Honestly, I'm not too excited; House of the Dead games haven't really had an impact on me at all as I only recall playing it once in one of those gigantic, awesome arcade units with the foot pedal to take cover and the giant red and blue guns attached to a cord way too small.  Which, admittedly, was fun, but not something that I necessarily need in a home setting, especially on my own.  Although I have to admit, Overkill looks like a bit of fun from what I remember after seeing a bit of it Livestreamed a while back....but maybe I'm forgetting or misremembering.

So why talk about it?  Clearly, I usually only bring up announcement of titles here that fill me with something resembling excitement, so if I don't care about the game, why even show it off?  Well, the answer is fairly simple.  I'm hoping that this title is a precursor to a similar port of Sega's other over-the-top-violent game, sent out as an attempt to make the Wii more than the 'cutesy, family console' that, honestly, probably didn't go over too well.  (Not that I'm saying the Wii is only good for family titles, of course.  Just stating one of those general stereotypes for this gen that just won't go away.)

Yes, I'm talking about Madworld.  (Clearly, I mean, the box art is right there.)  While most people will tell you that it's a bad game I tell you....well, that I don't know.  As I've stated several times, my Wii-time is and has been limited, so even though I purchased a copy f Madworld a while back, I've only really played the first level, which pleasantly surprised me.  You just don't see the Extreme gore and humor combination much these days, so, for me at least, it's a bit refreshing when it comes about again.  And hey, Bender is one of the announcers.  (Okay, not Bender, but John Di Maggio all the same)

Even though my experience with the title is limited, I'd almost assuredly buy Madworld HD on sight, if just to enjoy trapping a man with a tire, impaling him with a street sign, and then throwing him against a wall of spikes in the comfort of a seated position, rather than the standing one afforded by our Wii placement.  (Not that I couldn't bring over a chair but, hey, Effort.)  So, here's hoping.

Speaking of Sega getting off their asses and giving us stuff to buy, Where's Valkyria Chronicles 3?


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