Sunday, May 8, 2011

Music! Chrono Trigger Edition

In light of me thoroughly ripping Chrono Trigger DS apart, for the fact that there's a bunch of new stuff that doesn't belong there (Which really makes me sound xenophobic when I say it like that, but oh well), I figured there should be something here to reassure everyone that the base game is well enough still that you should pick up whatever version you can if you haven't already.  Just....don't hold the DS version against the original.

Anyways, I figured, what better way to do that than by highlighting one of the game's strengths:  The Music?  So here we are.  This first theme is basically the first song you'll hear in the game, though not the exact version.  It's, unsurprisingly, the main theme of the game.

(Sidenote:  Apparently something is borked with linking to videos in posts, so I had to embed instead.)

Next is a tune that you won't hear until....well, basically the end of the game, but I enjoy it nonetheless.

It really gives a sense of forboding, I think, which given the area you're in (this is the post with as few spoilers as possible) is pretty apt.

This next song is the battle theme you'll hear when you know shit has just gotten real.  And I think that shows well enough in the music itself.

And this final song is my personal favorite tune from the game.  Mostly because Magus is my favorite character from the game.  Yet, this song is what elevated him so high.  So it's some kind of cylindrical situation where everything is awesome.

Honestly, picking music from a game hasn't been so hard since Nier, as both soundtracks are just fantastic from start to finish.  So you'd do yourself well to find a good playlist of them all out there and give a listen for yourself.  But this is a good start, I would imagine.

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