Monday, May 16, 2011

Chains of Olympus/Ghost of Sparta Possibly PS3-Bound?

That's what Joystiq seems to think, at least.  Apparently, a few sources in China (Which, from what I know, doesn't instantly mean a lot of credibility and, actually, the opposite, but...) say there's a listing coming up for the God of War Portable Collection which would include God of War:  Chains of Olympus and God of War:  Ghost of Sparta on the same disk with up-porting much like the original two God of War titles have received.  At this time, though, anyone who has previously had their hands in the franchise are busy doing other things (Minus the team responsible for the God of War Collection port, or at least, Joystiq makes no mention of them) so that would mean that another port team would have to step in to do it.

What does this mean for everyone?  Well, first off, if true, it just sort of continues the trend of Sony not really comprehending that if you make a portable game, you make it portable so it stays portable.  A lot of people will place the blame of the PSP tanking in Non-Japan (aside from rampant piracy) on the theory that any good PSP game would eventually make it to the PS2, thus negating the need for the lovely portable.  The Grand Theft Auto Stories games especially made this case.

Second off, on a much less critical note, it inevitably means that many more people will get to experience these two great games.  I'm almost of the mind that anyone who doesn't have a PSP and whines at the lack of ability to play the games it has should put up or shut up, but, hey, I'm also of a mind that God of War games are pretty great and the more attention they get, the better.  If only to make my dream of the next big SSM project come true.  I still think of that multiplayer concept and salivate sometimes.

So we'll just have to see about this.  If anything, this one's an E3 revealer.  Especially since Sony will want as many things as possible to distract from the last month.


  1. Not being able to play Chains of Olympus on my PS3 is like one-third of the reason I bought my Go. Now, I love the idea of this - but I wonder if the PSP titles will be as impressive on the PS3 as the PS2 games were? They're still excellent games with great pacing and art direction - but perhaps their presentation is too (heh) spartan to translate well to the PS3.

  2. I wondered about that, and honestly? I think Ghost of Sparta will be fine. It's stylized enough that the really great effects (Like, basically anything with fire or lava) will only look 1000% better in HD.

    Chains of Olympus could really go either way until the very end, then I figure it will be fine as well.