Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FreeStyleGames lives to make another game.

So, just after three months and change of just sort of hanging in there, FreeStyleGames has signed a new deal with Activision, ensuring they get to stay around and work on a "new, innovative" game that has yet to be announced.  Well, 'they' minus 35 people.  Still, it could have been worse.  All those months ago, I was convinced that they were just about to get their walking papers, after all.  Of course, that they're still around, in the current state they're around in, all but confirms that DJ Hero 3 is not going to be the next thing to come from them as it's not 'new', even though it's fairly innovative, so it's a bit of a kick to me at least.

I guess the fact that they're still around is the best news that could have come from this.  Even if they get relegated to making the next "Dance game" to capitalize (a bit late) on the buzz brought around by Just Dance, Dance Central, even the Michael Jackson game, that's still devs who made a couple good games making some cash and not having to muck about looking for another place to work for, establish a whole new dynamic with, and such.  And so long as they exist in some shape or form, we can always hope for another return, another excuse to use those turntables (but no microphone).


  1. Wasn't DJ Hero actually supposed to be pretty awesome?

  2. Everyone I've heard talk of it says it was actually a really good game.

    But, of course, the sales don't really reflect that, which is where the problem lies. The first game had a lot of complaints about the price (Since it was -just- at the point where everyone was starting to realize the plastic instrument games might need to be a little cheaper), not to mention the 'premium' edition that made everyone balk, and it was released at a rather inopportune time to get a fair shake with consumers.

    While the second game, I believe, was priced a little better (or the same, but it wasn't a surprise at that point), it was released at just the right moment to be completely overshadowed.