Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh, go figure.

So the same day I write the article praising DJ Hero for doing something different with the music game genre and acknowledging that it did something different, even though it was part of the sinking ship, Activision kills the Hero and the completely unrelated True Crime games, cuts jobs at Freestyle games, kills Hero DLC, and generally leaves DJ Hero's future in question.  Well, question only as a formality, as we all know how this is going to end.  DJ Hero 1 and 2 both underperformed, despite being different and having that much more effort being put into them.  (1 decidedly more than 2).

I briefly considered just putting a picture of Travis Touchdown here instead.  Let's hope you get that joke.
It sucks.  I mean, it's not surprising at all; I guess that they're outright saying Guitar Hero is done is somewhat surprising, but we knew it was coming.  The real surprise is with the announcement of the axing of True Crime:  Hong Kong, for me.  I never would have figured on that, especially after all the weight that was behind it to this point.  There was footage at E3, people had already played some builds of it, EGM had a cover story of it for crying out loud.  There was solid, real work put in on it, and in my mind at least, it was more into polishing than development.  (Which could have been completely wrong, I didn't follow the game too much as I figured it would just come out and that's when I'd really learn about it.)  Right out saying that it "wasn't going to be good enough" stings, too, and certainly doesn't make it hard for Activision haters to continue to hate.

I guess all we can do right now is sit around and wait to hear what's next for the remainder of Freestyle Games.  And hope, I guess, that someone else might be keen on putting out the next game about being a DJ with remixed licensed music; provided that Activision won't.

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