Friday, February 11, 2011

Quick Note - Valkyria Chronicles 2

So I just got an Anthem Corp. today.


I made Vicky one even though I honestly despise her.  She's just one of the less frail Engineers and once I finish off her mission, she'll be fine.  Sofia and Raymond are up next for -something-, I know.  Raymond might go full Engineer Elite.  Still not sure about Sofia; I was thinking Anthem Elite originally, but Engineer Elite might work nicer.  And that's just my Engineers, who I barely use.

It's really hard trying to plan my team out and then actually -getting- there, since Credit-farming just blows absolutely.  The basic things, and the X things are easy enough to get, but when you get the lls and the ll Xs, it's just a pain in everybody's ass, since if you do too well, you get Certificates/Diplomas, which while nice, aren't what you need when you need lls and ll Xs.  And if you don't do well enough, you get the basic credits.  And sometimes, you'll need lls and get ll Xs and it's just like "Why do you do this to me, game?!"

If there's any downfall to the game (Other than the story, which, while it's not offensive, it's not interesting either) it's this damn credit system.  I wish they would have thought it out a little better so I wouldn't have to waste hours going through the same missions over and over again, trying to get one or two things and getting everything but.  Because if they had, Marion would be a Commando by now and life would be excellent.

Well, actually, if there's any downfall to the game, it's the goddamn Boss characters.  But now I'm just splitting hairs.  And it's not like the first game didn't have a few boss situations that everybody hated.

Anyways, the point of this post is to say that if you like VC and have a PSP, but not VC2 yet, What the hell is wrong with you.  Go buy it.  Now.  Don't be all indignant about the fact that it's on PSP, get over it, and buy it.


  1. This is true. The credit system in VCII blows chunks, but it's a great overall game. And as for the PSP thing - playing Valkyria Chronicles II on a PSP is infinitely preferable to never having Valkyria Chronicles II at all.

    Also, I just wanted to tell you, Mogs:

    You're doing a fantastic job with this blog. Keep it up.

  2. Thanks! I appreciate all the support and encouragement a lot.

    What's frustrating about the credit system, for me, is that it's almost okay. Like, if there were missions that only offered a tier of them (Like, even if it was all Mrchll, Spptll, etc bunched together and such)it would be that much better. But when you honestly only need one Armsll and you get two Certificates and an Armsll X for a twenty minute mission, you just want to strangle somebody.

  3. What I ended up doing was going into a mission with just the character I wanted credits for, and the tank for backup.

    The tank can't get credits, so any that will be awarded will go to your chosen soldier. This is more challenging than the usual method, but it saves one the horror of finally having the desired credit drop... onto the wrong damn soldier.

    Still - which credits you get seems totally random, so it can take some time.

  4. Yeah, that would probably work.

    But still, the problem lies in the fact that if you need, say, Armsll X, you have to go into a level with the entire Arms line (unless that changes post-game or in the last couple of months), which means your character could walk out of there with a Certificate/Diploma, Armsll, Arms X, etc, anything that isn't Armsll X. This has happened so many times to me. So Many.

    But Marion is a Commando as of today. So life is good and beautiful. Now I'm working on getting Alexis to be a Fencer Elite.

  5. The system is totally broken. I trawled many sites for answers, and after grinding for 6 HOURS on the missions that everybody seems to get certificates in, I still can't get one to up any of my techs to Fencer. I love this game, but this system has me ready to give up completely!

    1. Fencer is probably the hardest class to get something for, and it's annoying since they are really good in certain circumstances. I think the majority of my stuff came from one of the desert missions, I -believe- it was "Killer Assault" (at least, a later post of mine mentions that one and I think it's what I'm thinking of.) and it's fairly simple.

      Start a Scout Rush from the starting location (I think there's only one, if not, the 'main' one) to the right where you can capture a base that leads to the area you need to capture to win. Launch your tank (Make sure it has the ladder building attachment) and build the ladder right next to the starting point. Run a Fencer to it, up and to the right where the vital base is. Have him/her kill the dudes, take it, and you win. Since you only used two people, the spoils will be divided between them and hopefully the Scout doesn't take them all. Dunno if you'll see this or not, but if you do, hope it helps!