Tuesday, February 8, 2011

LittleBigThings - Been Away a Bit

Being that this is about my absence, what else than to show off something equally absent?
Well, I didn't expect it to happen, but I already drifted away from LBP2.  It's not permanent, of course, as the itch is ever-present but between VC2 and DW: Strikeforce, my gaming time, what little of it I have, has been pretty dominated.  But ideas are forming all the time, and there's still plenty I have to do in the form of items I can still get and the like.  Pretty much the only thing I've done in create is tutorials and make a room with a switch that activates "A Fifth of Beethoven" and some spinning lights while the global lighting goes dark.  Because, y'know, party song.

I couldn't find the scene I talk about below.  Just imagine this picture is it, while also being a representation of my scorn at the internet for not having the right screen.
Some things floating around in my head regarding things I can make.  The Penny Arcade contest that was put out was a carnival themed thing, and I had a few good ideas.  A midway, I was thinking, and in part of it, there'd be that scene from Rocko's Modern Life where Rocko spazzes out and sends the frog into space.  It would've been a nice shout-out to a great cartoon and an amusing little thing to have in it.  Other ideas were just having rides and the like, nothing too ambitious.

I keep mentioning it, but revisiting Journey's Fall is always on my mind and since I got my level back and started playing around with it, I always think about how I can make that better when I redo it.  On the top of my head, I can think of a few other challenge room type deals for the ship itself, as well as doing some additional things for the planets surface.  I want to keep combat out of the first level, but doing some other things to play up a mood of confusion and the like would be nice.  I really need to figure out a better way to do the jetbike at the end as well, since it seems to cause more death than not anymore.  It didn't use to but, well, things change!

I also always toyed around with the idea of making one of those "House" levels where the point is just to make a house to decorate and then put it out there for people to check out.  I actually had one started, but it was just a (literal) frameworks, which I lost.  No big deal though.  It's not meant to be a real level, just sort of a hub thing, which, considering there's level links now, might be a better idea!  If not to make parts of the house 'levels' (Like a monsters in the basement/attic sort of thing), but to have a "Hall of Fame" room or something which just leads to the levels you've made.  Or maybe make it like Silent Hill 4, make a house, make it screwed up and then make less screwed up versions of it as they clear out hauntings!  Or something!  There's a world of possibilities out there.

....Now I really want to make a level like I just talked about; the haunted house thing.


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