Saturday, February 12, 2011

Flash Games, and Oh, hey, remember that time...

...I said all I had to do was get sick to have the fun trifecta of crap?

Welp.  I'm not really bad; just fairly mucus-y and I've had a headache since I woke up.  No fever, no chills, nothing like that.  Not especially lethargic.  Nothing else is really bothering me.  Fingers crossed!

This is going to go into Quick Note territory rather quickly though, but I'll let you know what I've been doing today aside from playing Valkyria Chronicles 2, (and making Marion a Command finally.  Hell yeah.) and enjoying some TV.

Pictured is the iPhone version, hence the higher amount of possible Elements.
First off, I played Doodle God, a rather inappropriately named puzzle game.  Basically, you step into the role of a God who just wants to create.  You've already created the four essential elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth (Yes, yes, we all thought it here.) and now, hey, it's time to make more.  In the online version of it, there's 115 elements that can be made through simple trial and error.  It's not really fun, but once you start it, you probably won't be able to stop until you've found them all.  The Hint button helps, but I know I ended up looking up a FAQ for about 30 of them or so.  (In case you need one as well.)  It's kind of nonsensical why some things are in there, yet others aren't, and there's a couple that are outright completely inappropriate, but the name drew me in, as I was expecting solving puzzles with doodles, and I ended up staying because of OCD, I guess.  (I also got a badge.)

Yeah, this is not even complicated by the game's standards.
Next up was Electric Box 2, another Puzzle game, a legitimate one this time.  The mechanics are pretty simple; you have a power button, tools, and a target that you have to provide energy to.  The trial puzzle, for example, entails putting a fan on the cable attached to the power source, and an air-or-water Power Generator to the cable attached to the target.  The fan blows the Power Generator, the generator comes to life and creates energy for the target.  Level complete!  It gets ridiculously complicated from there, over the course of 40 levels and once again, I found that I had to use a FAQ to beat it, but only for the last ten or so levels.  Well, I didn't have to use the FAQ; I could have figured it out eventually.  But I didn't because I didn't really want to put that much thought out into games tonight.  If you need a FAQ, just throw the game's name into youtube for level solutions and the like.

This is nice for this game.
While I didn't play it today, I still do want to bring up You Find Yourself in a Room, because it's absolutely wonderful.  I can't say too much without ruining it, but suffice to say that it's really difficult to lose it, and you just have to stick with it to really see the beauty of it.  If you like Mind-screws, at least.  Basically, just play it; it takes about 20 minutes, and is an experience that's hard to find, well, anywhere else.  It's got some harsh language in it, though, in case that's something you object to or intend on playing it around those who might.  But it's not too much of an issue.

There's plenty of other great flash games out there that I might play/have already played, but those are two I went at tonight, and a third I can't help but recommend.  Give them a shot if you are so inclined!

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