Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Actually Pretty Cool - The PSP Internet Radio

So, if you have a PSP, you've probably seen the little icon for the Internet Radio and skipped over it, completely uninterested.  I know I did until last night.  After checking something on the browser concerning Dynasty Warriors:  Strikeforce, I wasn't ready to get to bed yet, but I didn't want to start up Valkyria Chronicles 2 because I've been kind of slacking with it; I'm in December, I know what's in store, and I'm just really not prepared to face it.  Sure, I could probably overcome it, but it would be frustrating as hell and probably drive me to grind needlessly since Levels don't really do that much.

But anyways, this isn't about VC2.  I'd gotten the Internet Radio Players before and tried them out, but after listening to about an hour of music I'd never heard before and never wanted to hear again, I decided maybe my horizons didn't need broadened -that- much.  But last night, for whatever reason, I just decided to go for it.  (Well, I tried Qirocity first, but no such luck there as it's still not active for PSPs or something.)  Heading to the site, I immediately realized that, "Hey, there's new radio players!".  Since the last time I tried this feature out (Which may be ridiculously far back, or maybe I just forgot) they'd added these little "Clip" radio stations that are just based on single genres.  To give it a shot, I grabbed the one for Rock, Soundtrack, J-Pop, "Counterculture" (since I didn't know, nor do I yet, know what it's supposed to be), Game, and Classical.

The Clip Station layout.  This one is for Video Game music, if you couldn't gather.

They're pretty basic; just an image similar to the above, and, when applicable, the radio station will be displayed at the bottom and the song/artist at the top.  To switch stations, you hold square and hit up on the analog nub.  Sound quality was good except for one station which played the last five or so seconds of a song that I recognize but can't remember and it's driving me crazy, as those five seconds kind of faded in and out.  There are a few other stations like that, but all the players that I tried provided various options for my musical needs and even surprised me with music that I, gasp, recognized!  Hearing a piece from the score of Hannibal was a delight even if it wasn't the strongest song in the movie.

I couldn't help but lament the fact that, when you're on the go you're likely not in a position to really take advantage of the feature, given that Wi-Fi might not always available, which just made me remember the NGP's proposed 3G functionality.  Which just made me hope upon hope that the internet radio feature will make the transition as well.  On the one hand, it's such a neat little thing that can't be too difficult to do, so it's hard thinking it wouldn't be in, but on the other hand, it's a fairly small feature that maybe not a lot of people take advantage of.  Either way, if it's not implemented, I'm sure there'll be other ways to get the music fix whenever.  Still, if you're able, I'd recommend you at least check it out.  It might not be or anything of the sort, but does have radio stations dedicated solely to Squeenix music and Zelda music?

I think not.

(I don't know.)

UPDATE:  Since making this post, I kept thinking about it, and eventually manged to figure out where I'd heard the song from.  Surprisingly, it was from Metal Gear Solid:  Peace Walker.  It's Koi No Yokushiryoku (Love Deterrence).

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