Monday, May 2, 2011

Nier Gets Ultimate Hits Re-Release....In Japan

I was looking around at the usual circuits for something to write about today, when this Siliconera article caught my eye:  Square Enix CEO Wonders If He Should Run Through Nier a Second Time, which....frankly, kind of confused me.  I didn't know quite what it meant, but after I read the article, I finally got it.  And felt the need to make an article about it here to let you guys know the importance of what apparently plenty of people including the CEO of the fucking publisher don't know about Nier.  But first, I want to direct your attention to something.

This box art is fucking sweet, dudes.  Despite Raiden-Nier on the cover, I still think it looks really righteous, and the Ultimate Hits part of it doesn't seem too bad, even though I'm not a Red-box/Different case hater.  At least, not in the less extreme cases.  (Specifically, well, the Red Blu-Ray cases for Greatest Hits, that I mentioned just last sentence.)  I just wanted to draw attention to that since it was pictured in the article and I thought it was awesome and wanted to share.

Anyways, the point of this is about what the body of the article said.

Producer Yosuke Saito hopped on Twitter asking players who purchased the popular edition to run through Nier twice since that’s the beginning of Nier.
Yoichi Wada, CEO of Square Enix, responded to Saito’s tweet saying it’s been a long time for me, I wonder if I should give the second run a peek.
Specifically what this is mentioning, since I don't consider there to be a 'second run' of Nier aside from starting a New Game, is the New Game +.  The second run being you beat the game once, get the first ending, and then, well, start the NG+.  I really don't know what to say about people who only get the first ending of Nier and then claim to have beaten it.  Because, well, that's like a fourth of the game.  New Game + takes part from the second half of the first run, granted, but everything's a little different, without spoiling much.

So here's my little PSA:  If you play Nier, play all of it.  This isn't like your normal New Game + where you just play through the game again and retain your levels and stuff.  Every time you NG+ it, there's a little something different, even if it's just the Ending portion.  But trust me, you will know when you have beaten Nier.  There will be no doubt.


  1. I wonder how different Nier Replicant was from the Nier we got in North America (Nier Gestalt).

  2. As far as I've heard, not very. The Nier in Replicant is Yonah's Older Brother, rather than Father, and there's some backstory adjusted accordingly, but the game proper, s'far as I know, is basically the same.