Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pokedex App coming to 3DS, impresses no one

Siliconera reported today that an app for the 3DS (a free app, no less) will hit the 3DS storefront when it opens up, joining the ranks of Excitebike and....Anyway.  The app effectively turns your 3DS into some sort of a pokedex, unsurprisingly, as you'll be able to unlock new entries beyond the 16 you start with, for all the pokemon.  In, er, Black and White.  Not, y'know, all of them.  It'll function as pictured above:  A 3D (in more than one way) rendering of a pokemon that you can rotate with the information showing up on the bottom screen.  Using Spotpass, scanning some sort of codes and trading, you'll start opening up all the entries of the Unova dex for yourself whenever you want to know which is heavier:  the giant trash bag pokemon, or the big rock thing.  You know which rock thing.

It is...a thing.  I guess.  Having only one region of pokemon really kills a lot of any sort of desire I'd have for this, personally, though it's feasible that other regions will be added eventually.  Of course, Siliconera says "just the ones from Black/White" which could mean the non-region ones when you beat the game as well, though I highly doubt it, and think it was just an easier to understand way of seeing "Pokemon native to the Unova region".  But being able to put pokemon in pictures you take is....well, that is also a thing.  And it's free.  That's always a plus point.

I'm sure this is just screaming "Filler!" and I hate that, if it is doing that, because while I'm not exactly attached to this thing, it is Pokemon-related, which is why it even caught my eye to begin with.  Still, if I were telling the truth, this is not exactly the article I'd wanted to write tonight; I have a couple in mind, but both still need a bit of research/tweaking before I can properly write them.  They will be nice, however, I assure you, and at least one of them has the potential to be rather long.  (Hopefully not long-winded).  One of them will be the "Look Back" for Rune Factory, wherein the obvious hurdle in that is that I haven't actually completed the 'story' of it, which I would like to do before talking on it and especially before comparing it to what little of Innocent Life's story I witnessed.  Hopefully I can do one of said articles tomorrow, or, if not, hopefully I will have something I can talk more at-length about, in a more positive light than saying "It's....a thing.  That is free."

Update!:  Siliconera has another article about the AR technology used through the Pokedex App.

The article mentions that you'll be able to print the AR cards necessary for the effect (In fact, it suggests this is the only way so far) and that pokemon will be fully animated in this state, even allowing to show off different actions through usage of special items.  That's pretty neat, at least!  Still looking forward to the hope that all the rest of the pokemon will be added or another app will be made for that function.

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