Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let's Talk About Minecraft Again - 1.7 Edition

Now, we all know I've repeatedly Lamented my lack of ability to play Minecraft, thanks to the gruddiness of my computer (which is only slightly less gruddy), but we all know I still follow it from afar, watching with bated breath for the day which I may get my clutches on the 'finished' product to make my blocky dreams come true.  Until then, as is the custom, I find that I catch every piece of news about the game that comes to pass (being subscribed to about, ohh.....five people who play Minecraft on Youtube pretty regularly will do that) and I always find a bit of intrigue in just what happens to make the game grow.

Pictured above are likely the biggest things added in the latest update:  Pistons.  Now, we all know what pistons are; they're things that move up and down and occasionally move things.  And in Minecraft, that's what Pistons are all about, is moving things.  People have already come up with rather neat ways to use these (specifically Sticky Pistons) to make lots of neat things, including, of course, secret passages.  As you can see below, the possibilities are colorful and varied.

As always if you prefer, feel free to just take that to Youtube proper to watch it better.

Colorful trailer aside, (As it really was pretty nice) it really does highlight the various uses for whatever you could desire.  As long as it involves something that can be done by just moving blocks.  Still, just from the doorway thing they showed, that's enough for some real big enticement there, as if you could hide switches in your house well (which, you can, currently) and run Redstone wire well, you could have a lot of really neat things going on.

I -was- going to talk more on the subject, but my current rage at MSN being unable to send goddamn messages has ruined my ability to think.  I'll try and edit something else in if I think about it.

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