Friday, June 3, 2011

Touch-Screen Controllers for Cafe' Looking More Likely

Joystiq reports that Nikkei reports Project Cafe's controllers will feature a six-inch touchscreen on the controller to "give tablet-like controls to games" which.....honestly sounds really unappealing.  But this isn't the first rumor including touch screens in the controller and given that Nikkei has a successful track record in calling Nintendo things, that's a lot of clout added in.  So, between that and the NGP, PS Vita, we should likely all start getting used to getting a little more, ahem, hands-on with our input methods.  Unless you have an iPhone or other such device and already have that down-pat.

While this does confirm a rumor, it does sort of kill one as well, that being that a 3DS might be usable as a controller.  Was that really a rumor though?  Or, just something I started saying that a lot of people probably thought of as well.  Maybe both.  Anyways, the reason why I say that is because the rumor states six inch screen, while the 3DS' bottom screen (for 'tablet-style controls') is considerably less than that.  So unless they could make it really tiny, the chance of that happening is pretty much nulled out as far as I can imagine.  Such a lack of parity is a little saddening, but hopefully it'll be made up for elsewhere.

The article also states that the '2012' that Nintendo is shooting for means the latter half of '2012'.  And December is definitely in the latter half of a year....

...Maybe the Mayans were right.


Something of a side-note here, there has been an absolute deluge of E3 news and the only company that's officially had a keynote is Konami.  I am nowhere near capable of reporting half of it, let alone all of it, but I can direct you to someone who already has for the most part.  So, Blam!  Go to Chance's blog, take a look around and immerse yourself in the announcements, reveals, and trailers.


  1. Thanks Mogs!

    I think Cafe will live or die on how different/special it can make itself out to be. It worked for the Wii. I wonder how much the 3rd parties will support it.

  2. Hey, no worries. With as many links as you give me, I have to give back when I can! (Seriously though, thanks.)

    I agree on that, but on the other hand, they don't want to get -too- different/special and start to alienate people. I gotta say, hearing "tablet-like" controls kind of churns my stomach when I think about 'virtual' D-pads, control sticks and buttons. So let's hope it's a little better than that.

    3rd parties will likely be a little more receptive to this, if only to be able to churn out cross-platform games on yet one more platform, if the specs of the Cafe are so similar to the PS3/360. And then it all just depends on how much...'convincing' Nintendo passes out.

  3. Cafe could position itself to be a real destination for core gamers, given that it's said to be 30% more powerful than the PS3 - and given that it will arrive on the scene before the next Sony and MS consoles.