Saturday, June 25, 2011

Looking forward to Journey? Of course you are.

And sources indicate that you may be able to get a fix next week via a beta trial version of the game being put out in very limited quantities.  Details are as sparse as water in the desert, but we'll all know a little more come Monday when thatgamecompany puts out the word via their facebook page and the playstation blog.  We all know where to look now, and now we just have to wait.  Which, most of us have other things to do, so it won't be all that bad.  But still, just the idea of being able to somehow interact with this strange game that we know, essentially, nothing is tantalizing.  Can you tell that I missed using italics?

As we know from flOw and Flower, thatgamecompany's motto is not the norm among other developers, and while they don't design the most....inspiring or amazing games, in one sense, the games they do create (well, Flower, at least) are different enough to take notice.  With such a different art style, a different approach, they're doing what we all crave, even if we don't like the end product:  Be different.  Everyone goes on and on about how they're sick of all the shooters, yet they sell gangbusters where games that aren't about getting to x, y, and z places to shoot groups a, b, and c of mans underperform.  It's the classic case of the general masses talking from both sides of their mouth, since there's actually nothing inherently wrong with first person or third person shooters.

I could rail on about that subject some more, and in fact I might at some point, but that's not the point of this article.  While we know that Journey is about a wanderer in the desert, that's about all we know about it.  The main character that you play as, apparently has a magical scarf, and it will be somewhat of a platformer at parts, but that's about it.  And you know what?  That's all we need.  thatgamecompany has proven that they're capable of creating something special and by the looks of it, Journey will be just like that.  So all we can do is sit and wait for the sand to run down that hourglass.

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